Monday, January 05, 2015

Political Policing outside of Law

Registered gun owners and concealed carry pistol permit holders are being fed into license scanner databases. Those on the databases are currently being pulled over, possibly strip searched, terrorized in front of their families, their cars searched, and possibly facing arrest, property confiscation, gun confiscation, asset forfeiture, legal fees, family break up, loss of home, and prison.

The numbers are currently small and are rising exponentially.

Doctors are allegedly offered money to put any patients they can on the gun confiscation list. Police officers are allegedly offered DHS overtime checks for hours not worked as a bonus for every citizen arrested and given a criminal record who becomes a former gun owner, and police informants are paid in cash and/or illegal drugs for their help. 

Pre-9/11 police were going after concealed carry permit holders and citizens who registered firearms. There was no law banning guns, but police took it upon themselves to covertly ban the ownership of firearms and to start to dismantle the US Constitution. I am not talking about individual officers, just a trend. The international police union dictates offshore as part of UN Agenda 21 and the wants of international bankers and corporate organized crime.

When someone comes to the attention of police, there is then an investigation, then there is a push to arrest the subject of the investigation for something. Police are minimum, out to damage the reputations and social standing of concealed carry permit holders, the self-employed, and the outspoken.

When there are arrests, there then is needing to get a lawyer, financial hardship, possible job loss, possible loss of home, possible break up of family, possible police breaking laws to set up, beat up, kill, and/or imprison subject.

Smart televisions, some video game consoles, and your handheld devices can record video and audio 24/7. Have an argument, and police can show us saying there was a call for a domestic dispute. Police have decoys to get you to drive drunk, lend your new lover money to buy illegal drugs, break up your relationships, or to set you up for false arrest if you are a target of police policies. Gun owners, the self-employed, and the outspoken are the current targets. Are you next, or currently on the list.

Domestic spying 24/7 is not for your protection.

Gun confiscation equals loss of US sovereignty, the US Constitution, the family, right to religion or lack thereof, free speech, and the pursuit of liberty and happiness.

If you are being spied on, you own nothing, your future is being decided by those who you can't see. You are no longer represented for the taxes you pay. You rent the air you breathe.

I lost everything when police decided to illegally listen to all my phone calls and troll all my internet use. You, eventually will fare no better. 

Being a concealed carry permit holder and being self-employed resulted in this:

Just more reasons I think Sandy Hook, Newtown Connecticut, was not a school shooting, but a false flag event, a hoax:

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