Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We are all now John Gotti

Imagine of John Gotti was [found here]. 

To tap phones, install bugs in homes, record conversations, and do video surveillance a judge needed to sign a warrant. Police, or other investigators, had to have a reasonable suspicion, and probable cause, to ask for a warrant to spy on you. The US Constitution, and the [Bill of Rights], was respected. The system worked, mostly as designed. Heads of police , of courts, and their politician friend could make more money if they can circumvent the US Constitution.

Characters like [Rudy Giuliani], [Michael Chertoff], and others who investigated and/or prosecuted Mafia figures adopted the tactics, have immunity from prosecution because of their positions, and former positions, and their crimes are label "national security", not crimes warranting prosecution.

[John Ashcroft] was the Missouri Governor, US Attorney General, and now lobbyist in Washington, DC. If you have $100,000, or more in cash, you allegedly can have John Ashcroft influence just about any elected, or non-elected, official in the US if you have enough money. No crime is too big if you know the right people. No corporate or banker scam is too sleazy or over the top if enough money is set on the right table. [Bernie Madoff] just didn't pay off, and cut in, the right people. 

Lawyers, Judges, Commissioners of State Police, US Attorneys, to level FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS, and other agencies transfer back and forth, state to federal, federal to state, different branches of government and the spider web of influence is not discernible. Insiders get all sorts of pensions and give and receive favors also known a bribes. Influence is for sale. What do graduate student Tomas Foral and [John A. Danaher, III] who was US Attorney, then Connecticut State Police Commissioner, and then Connecticut Judge have to do with the [Anthrax Hoax]?

The international banker and corporate organized crime cartel has the US under stealth occupation. To maintain control we all have to be under surveillance, all of our conversations need to be recorded and word searchable, all transaction must occur through, and with the permission of, the stealth occupation.

The US Constitution, and especially the US Bill of Rights, are our rules for government behavior. If the government does not follow any of our rules, why should we follow theirs? Are we all worse criminals than Mafia crime boss [John Gotti], getting treated as far worse, not getting our right respected? We need to take the wind out of the Official Mafia which has us under stealth occupation.

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