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Did RT's Abby Martin expose Mitt Romney Sleaze on Rand Paul?

Abby Martin just shot [her last RT American "Breaking the Set Episode"], about a 3 year run. The video below is before she got started in a big way on RT, August 2012. Luke Rudkowski and Abby Martin talk about Rand Paul and how Rand's support of Mitt Romney is selling out, especially if Rand Paul sought to see that Martin was fired, stripped of her press credentials, for doing her job. Luke outs Rand for not being like the Father.

Abby Martin photo, and more photos and story was originally [found here]. 

I just yesterday, thought Rand Paul might be a good candidate to get behind for US President, 2016. I'm disgusted from what I have seen since Nixon's first term, and from 1st grade, teachers talked about what a lying, warmongering, piece of trash, Nixon was.  It was history, as each day went buy. Young female teachers wore mini skirts and outfits only strippers wear inside strip clubs nowadays ... although I make no habit of going to see any Exotic Dancers in my current daily life.

I haven't wanted to get behind any candidate. Reagan's people made a deal with Iran to keep the hostage crisis to 444 days so Jimmy Carter would have no chance of winning. When helicopters were sent out to rescue the hostages across the desert in Iran, the helicopters were purposely low on oil, and in a desert environment, the air filters were removed so sand would get in. A veteran of the raid broke it down for me. It didn't matter how many military lives were sacrificed for Reagan to get in on lies and deceit. Word search Iran/Contra.

Reagan got in with cocaine and arms trafficking. George H. W. Bush was allegedly somehow allegedly involved in the CIA executed plan to take out John F. Kennedy. George H. W. Bush would have been US President months in if the assassins bullet went a little closer to Ronald Reagan's heart. The assassins family allegedly are close to the Bush family before the plot.

Fast forward to the last US Presidential election, Obama is a wafting pile of excrement, Mitt Romney is Dracula. Where is the choice? It didn't matter which candidate was "elected". Each is a puppet for the international banker and corporate organized crime stealth occupation of America and most of the world.

Ron Paul may have changed the whole game. His son, who is not the father, might not be of the same cloth. Is Rand Paul going to be presented as the #1 Republican to take on Hillary Clinton? If so, Rand could probably take the race, in a legitimate actual vote count. If Hillary runs against any of the others, Hillary will take it hands down. Still there is no choice. They are all sell-outs. Each new president is a bigger disappointment and further erodes the US Constitution and any hope for the average person to do better than his, or her parents, not worse.

I did have high hopes for Rand Paul. I could have even considered dropping everything to get onto campaign for Rand Paul ... but I just watched the below embedded video.

Abby Martin before:

Rand Paul Tries to Have Abby Martin Fired From RT For Daring To Ask Him Questions

Text with video:

Published on Aug 1, 2012
Luke Rudkowski talks with Abby Martin of and RT about
U.S. Senator Rand Paul's attempt to get her arrested and stripped of
her press credentials for asking him tough questions in the Capitol
building. A week after our video with Abby Martin came out on YouTube,
the RT office, where Abby works, got an ominous phone call from the
Senate Media Relations Committee. The Committee was acting on behalf
of Rand Paul and threatened both Abby and the entire RT news
organization. The threats included ambiguous "charges" for violating
the rules of the Committee floor, Abby's possible arrest and the
termination of her and the entire office's press credentials.

After a month of meetings and deliberation, the Senate Media Relations
office backed down and did not make good on any of their threats.

Abby Martin now:

Abby Martin saying goodbye, the last episode of RT America's "Breaking the Set"

Steven G. Erickson text of comment left on the RT site about the above video:

The FCC has no business wrecking the internet, period. Anything the government touches turns to crap. The internet will be as f'd up as Obamacare. Global Warming is BS, but lets not confuse pollution which is corporate organized crime and wars, not we the people breathing. Yes, blame your own breathing for pollution which is real and is the fault of the elite scumbags who want to tax us to breathe. You mostly did a good job Abby, but Americans who watched you in numbers wanted more that wasn't mainstream corporate news junk science and lying. Abby, you saw over most of the hills, reported it as you saw it, but the world isn't nice. It will never be Utopia. We will all have to get much dirtier before we can ever hope to get clean.
-Steven G. Erickson

stevengerickson at

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[Abby Martin pulls the plug on Breaking the Set]


Is Complaining about Bozo's Criminal Activity, a Threat?

The Jericho Reporter talks about his call out to law enforcement to do something about Barack Obama as being considered a threat. Scroll down for video.

Pic [found here]. 

How far to politicians like Barack Obama, California US Senator Diane Feinstein, John McCain, [Hillary Clinton], [Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy], etc have to go making America too disgusting to continue to live in for core Americans to make a run for the border, shedding all their possessions, guns if they have them, to just get their minds and bodies to safety outside the US?

Some major events are in the news.

BATFE to ban what might be the most common US rifle ammunition, 223, which is for M16 and AR-15 rifles. It is probably the most common prepper ammunition. It is probably the number one biggest scare for rapist cops, an armed female potential victim in her own home. This is a test. If this stands, all guns and ammo can be banned. 

There is a Black Site in Chicago. It's here, you can be black bagged and tagged, in America for any excuse. Police can just kidnap their victims, bring to site, torture, do what they want, and no one is notified where you are. There are no consequences for police murdering anyone they feel like. Raping is just part of an armed occupation. Courts are no longer needed. Officials now don't even pretend to follow rules regulating their conduct. 

The Internet is now under control of the FCC, they decided. The 322 pages of the rules as of the date of this post, have not been released. Isn't Congress supposed to make the rules and laws, not an agency? Did we elect any of these agency people?

There are possibly only 3 countries that do not have Rothchild Central Criminal Bankers in them, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba. 

How will Obama's War on Americans go?
How would you like a police tank to show up on your yard and you and your family is force vaccinated?

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Text with below video:

Published on Feb 28, 2015

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The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 146 02/28/2015

Net Neutrality Passes As Obama Declares Himself Dictator Banning AR-15 Ammo

ISIS Recruits In NYC As FBI Warns Of Extremists In All 50 States

Feinstein Wants No-Fly No-Buy Gun List

Laws Are Written To Make The Common Man A Criminal

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Is the US just a Sleazy Corporation, not a Democratic Republic?

Image of flag flying upside down at corporate giant McDonalds Hamburger Restaurant WV was [found here].

Is the US Government in America, actually just a corporation? The debate is not if, but when this happened.

Is the US a Democratic Republic, or something else? Is capitalized, "UNITED STATES of AMERICA" a legal corporation, whereas the non-capitalized version is something else?

It is broken down in [this website]. Cornell University Law School gives the definition of what is the United States, [scroll down in this webpage].

Courts are for corporations. Lawyers and judges swear an oath to their
legal based corporations which supersedes any other oaths, including the
oath to honor, protect, and defend the US Constitution.

So, courts are to protect corporate interests, not yours. The government is a
corporation for protecting corporations. Banks can be corporations, but
corporations are not necessarily banks. Why haven't you been taught this
history in schools?

Departments and agencies should not have the ability to enact laws in a
Democratic Republic, Congress is supposed to do that. It means the ATF,
FBI, EPA, IRS, etc. don't legitimately make the rules and laws. Were you
born a debtor owing a debt to international corporations? Are you a
corporate slave?

Does the FBI, CIA, NSA, US DHS etc use your tax dollars to infect your brain with mindless propaganda? [Blog post with embedded videos]

The subject of this post is not talked about until the latter part of
the Alex Jones Infowars embedded video. Scroll in about 2/3.

How All States Have Been Corporations Since 1933

Text with video:

Published on Feb 25, 2015
[The following is excerpted from Judge Dale’s The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America.] On March 9, 1933, House Joint Resolution No. 192-10 by the 73rd Congress, was voted into law, which is the Emergency Banking Act. This Act declared the Treasury of the United States, ‘Bankrupt’, which is an impossible feat since the U. S. Treasury was secretly closed by the Congress twelve years earlier in 1921. The Emergency Banking Act succeeded in abrogating America’s gold standard and hypothecated all property found within the United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank.

All Sovereign American Citizens residing within the Republic of States suddenly and falsely were expatriated from their Sovereign American status without their knowledge or consent and their labor, souls, children, property, sweat equity and credit became the financial collateral for the public debt, which had then been converted into a Public Trust, which had been scripted after the ancient Roman Trusts.
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* * * *

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites]
If America is an actual Democratic Republic, would lawyers not be able to rig the system as legislators, and Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers would not be re-nominated as Judge and then be arrested, and prosecuted, and hopefully imprisoned for condoning, looking the other way, for misprison of felonies for not reporting felonies committed reported to her, for obstruction of justice, for rigging or allowing the rigging of court cases, for allowing malicious prosecutions for personal retaliations, and for other crimes? [That story]


Does corporate banker run US Fluoridate drinking water at 3 to 5 times higher concentrations that are known to cause stupidity, various health problems, and obesity to causing thyroid problems? [Alex Jones Infowars video featuring David Knight]


The blogger who blogs on the [Kenny's Sideshow blog] has not posted anything since Septem ber 16, 2014. The side panel on the right has his blog roll of his favorite blogs. Most of those are also the Stark Raving Viking's favorite blogs as well. If anyone knows why Kenny isn't blogging, please email me at stevengerickson at


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Frank Zappa on Celebrities, Musicians, and Politicians Selling Out

Frank Zappa, John Denver, and Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister, picture was [found here]. 

Frank Zappa died back in 1993. I found two videos, part 1 and part 2, of him talking about how celebrities, musicians, and politicians selling out. What he said then, is even more true today. Scroll down in post for video.

I don't like the title of the videos. I think it does disservice to what Frank Zappa was really saying. The bottom most video shows what a complete douchebag Al Gore is. Slide in to about 15 minutes in.

Al Gore's wife, Tipper Gore was out by Frank Zappa, John Denver, and Dee Snyder. Labeling is like a tax. It is asking some huge unseen power, the ability to censor your message, your words, deciding what language you can use.

[Parents Music Resource Center, the PMRC] wikipedia link

Al Gore and Tipper Gore are connected, not just my marriage. Tipper was out to control popular culture. Official terrorism was out to squash free speech. Al Gore is out to tax us to breathe. Carbon Dioxide is breathed in by plants and they exhale oxygen.

Without Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, plants would die, and so would we. Global Warming is a scam. It is a lie. It is tyranny. Now it is called Climate Change. Do not confuse junk science with a legitimate problem, pollution. Pollution is what international bankers, corporate organized crime, and the wars they wage, are.

Al Gore wants to convince us that we are harming the planet by breathing and should be taxed by a world entity, a world government. Should we be taxed to breathe? Why should Al Gore enrich himself to the tune of about a billion dollars based on his scam? Shouldn't he be arrested?

Who is behind Al Gore, and who was behind Tipper Gore? Who are those who are your true enemies? Our true enemies aren't each other. [My current gripe]

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites]

stevengerickson at

Al Gore shows his true colors from about 15 minutes in ... in the below video. 

The PMRC Hearing (Full) - Tipper Gore VS. Explicit Content. Feat Dee Snider, Zappa, Denver...

Text with video:

Published on May 16, 2012
The infamous "explicit content" hearing - featuring testimonies by musical legends Frank Zappa, John Denver and Dee Snider of Twisted Sister

This is the complete footage of the 1985 hearing

Read the full story -
Download the Transcript (PDF)

The Filthy Fifteen:
1 Prince - Darling Nikki
2 Sheena Easton - Sugar Walls
3 Judas Priest - Eat Me Alive
4 Vanity - Strap on Robbie Baby
5 Mötley Crüe - Bastard
6 AC/DC - Let Me Put My Love Into You
7 Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It
8 Madonna - Dress You Up
9 W.A.S.P. - Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
10 Def Leppard - High 'n Dry
11 Mercyful Fate - Into The Coven
12 Black Sabbath - Trashed
13 Mary Jane Girls - In My House
14 Venom - Possessed
15 Cyndi Lauper - She-Bop

Retro Viking - YouTube

Image found using image word searches was [stolen from here]. 

Many people had not heard of youtube, been on youtube, or uploaded a video on youtube back in January 2007 when I uploaded the 40 second video called "Nail Gun Fun in Vermont." Or, maybe you did hear of it and were on youtube, there were not many of us. There was a 10 minute video length and 10 megabyte limit back then. It took special software, special hardware, and the ability to edit video to make it fit on youtube back in the day, so long ago technologically, 2007. 

There is now high definition videos that can be uploaded with unlimited gigabyte files. A grandmother who knits can have a blog and get 7 hits a month. I got 10,000 hits as a blogger in 2004 and kids in schools would get assignments to contact a blogger, and was so alarmed that children were contacting me that I told them I needed their parents', or teachers', permission before I responded back.

The owner of was paying about $400 per month for bandwidth, I was just a writer on his blog, so there weren't many blogs, or bloggers. It was then a novelty, and I traveled down to Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana, and was recognized as someone famous, a blogger. Now, not so much, I am anonymous, because there are so many bloggers now who have so much more talent and online presence.

Writing letters to the editor printed in Connecticut newspapers, or the blogging I did early in my blogging career, meant police waiting outside my door, banging on my door yelling threats, or police informants out to beat me for what I wrote. It was my America then, it is YOUR new American reality now.  

After my Connecticut US Police State experience, I was basically hiding out from the Connecticut State Police in Vermont. I had no cell phone, and was careful where I logged onto the Internet. I still feared the Connecticut State Police would keep to their word and kill me for having gotten mouthy in newspapers about their criminal activity, about their court rigging, and about their profiteering off the public, mostly honest taxpayers with families.

Prostitution, selling drugs, breaking into houses, vandalism, raping, beating, murdering, and organized crime activities seemed fine with police, but being "mouthy" for a civilian, was not. Criminal activities meant more tax dollars, promotions, freebies, sex taken at too many opportunities, racketeering, retaliation, and boosting testosterone for most White male police officers.

It was mostly me who built the storage units shown in video, Winchester, New Hampshire, not far from my home in Brattleboro, Vermont. My friend [Todd, now deceased], didn't want me to strap the building across for stability, even when I said I would do the labor for free. The first big snow, took the whole building down, and I could get no more carpentry work ... and I did not have to wonder why.

Todd would loan just about anyone money. Todd would go and do carpentry projects for just about anyone and sometimes would buy the materials himself, and donate his time for free. Twice Todd sold me mini vans for $500 each when they were worth at least $1500 to $2500 and often would not even charge me for oil changes, complete break jobs, exhaust jobs, or what have you? I was glad to just go to his house, stack wood, power wash his house, or help other people that he knew just to partially pay him back for all he did for me. I sometimes would just have to leave money on his desk with a note, just to get him to take money that I knew I owed him.

I never had to even ask for pay when he owed me, it was just right there in my hand. But, pay in that part of Southern New Hampshire and Vermont is not high for any sort of occupation unless you are a doctor, lawyer, or some sort of elite that is rare in these parts.

I knew no one, had no friends, when I set out to hide to retain my life from 2006, and previous, I almost froze to death homeless in the snowy woods of Vermont in the middle of Winter.

The people and the land absorbed me. I was so broken, poor, and out of my element, I didn't know what I truly had. My life was permanently altered from having been [railroaded to prison in 2002], and yet again having been an insurance adjuster in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina while still on probation for having resisted being mugged on my own property for having used pepper spray ending the attack on me where I avoided being stabbed.

The smart and resourceful Jews left Nazi Germany while they could. Had they stayed, they would be dead. Are the same drums beating in America? Are the new Jews, all the new Native Americans, who believe in the US Constitution, intact?

I discovered something else here in 2008, I am good at sales, and that I probably suck as a roofer and carpenter. I discovered I suck as a factory worker, 2011, after I found out I could sell the crap out of used cars as long as I wasn't politically active and mouthy ... I learned what it is like to live out on a Harley, out in the wind, no home. I've had motorcycles, but I really didn't know how many girls like Harleys and aren't shy about asking for a ride.

Let's talk about right now. I want to be "free" and "American" at the same time. I probably do not want to renounce my US citizenship, but I want to live as long as I can, the best as I can. The international banker and corporate organized crime cartel and their pandering police and judges helped break up my family unit and belief in the American Dream.

What the most evil doers, who are paid with US tax dollars, taught me in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, is that I am not invincible, and that I should give up and call it a day when I am beaten. If being beaten means not remaining the United States of America, I won't.

[These are my current video uploads and favorites]

I had ten dollars in my pocket, owned nothing, had no vehicle of my own to drive, and had a girlfriend willing to take me in when I shot the below video in January 2007:

Friday, February 20, 2015

Hoarding Laws, UN Agenda 21?

Scroll down in post for video

Woman Hoarding cats picture [found with post here]. There are already gaggles of health code, animal protection, safety, mental health, and other laws already on the books. There are too many laws that are now not enforced. It seems most new laws are to further spy on us and abuse us, to collect revenue, fines, and confiscate cash, assets, property, children, to process us in courts, put on probation, or put us in prisons or mental hospitals.


The [Connecticut Legislature] and [The Public Safety and Security Committee] originated the Hoarding Task Force to consider future hoarding legislation. It is probably just away for fudges who are being bribed, [who perjure themselves at confirmation hearings] in front of the [CT Judiciary Committee], lawyers, and mental health corporate providers who are all in bed together, are out to screw you out of even more of your cash, assets, and property beyond the outrageous taxes already collected.

Why don't you call, email, write, and fax the above elected officials about what you think of the Hoarding Laws? Why don't you contact your own elected officials and ask them what Agenda 21 rules are they adopting? A Coral Springs, Florida, woman who had paid all her taxes, owned her home, violated international law by not hooking up to public utilities such as water and electricity collecting rain water and generating electricity was kicked out of her own house!

Connecticut State Police Troopers, and other officers, could submit fraudulent paperwork and embezzle US Taxpayer Homeland Security, DHS, funds and not have to pay it back, not get time off unpaid, and were nor prosecuted for grand theft, submitting false paperwork, lying, committing perjury, and for other felonies. [Scroll down in post look of John A. Danaher III name].

[CT Governor John G. Rowland, DHS, DCF, Drug Dealers, Bankers, Organized Crime all in bed together]

Rolling text in below video:

Hoarding laws are allegedly being proposed nationwide as part of UN Agenda 21.

Citizens can be more easily controlled if they are broke, homeless, the family unit is broken, if they are on probation, in prison, in a mental ward under, or under mental health care.

International bankers and corporate organized crime wants you weak with no say in what they do.

Report your neighbor if you are jealous, having a feud, want them to lose their house, ruin them financially, or for their family to break up.

Saving for your retirement or having more than 3 days of food and water stored can be considered hoarding.

Having a hobby where you collect dolls or model airplanes can be considered hoarding.

Having guns and ammunition can be considered hoarding.

It is just another excuse to have police in your house, courts, lawyers, judges, and mental health workers in your life.

It is about another undeclared tax.

In Somerville Massachusetts and other town across US, it is $75/day/can fine for having trash cans with their lids raised more than 6", overstuffed, or knocked over. So, towns make money if they pay and send out vandals to stuff trash in your cans or knock them over.

Vandals make money for towns by smashing windows and damaging siding when towns charge $75/day fine for blighted property which they eventually seize.

The State, judges taking bribes, lawyers, and mental health workers who are all in bed together get richer.

Each time someone is hired, paid with your tax dollars, their job is to figure out how to collect more revenue and confiscate more cash, assets, property, and to process you through courts, government institutions, and programs.

The US has the largest percentage of citizens incarcerated in the world.

Word search “Stark Raving Viking”

stevengerickson at

* * * *


[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites]


The CIA used US taxpayer dollars to fund what became Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, IS, ISIL, ISIS etc. So, the censoring of the internet is to keep ISIS from spreading, or the CIA? Censoring the internet will result in greater injustice, police brutality, mean more wars, more torture, more nations losing their sovereignty, more citizens becoming poorer, no representation for your taxation, no matter where you live. The expansion of the international banker and corporate organized crime stealth takeover of the US and all countries.

Police are all set to go house to house to search to see if you have guns, money, gold, food, a hot daughter or wife ... or to see if your house is messy and if you are hoarding. The US Constitution is being used as toilet paper by the cops, courts, and US Government occupation of our lives.

Did the CIA’s involvement in the 1980s drug trade lead to police militarization?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Corpobots" - Minions of International Bankers and Corporate Organized Crime

"Corpobots" - Minions of International Bankers and Corporate Organized Crime

Despicable Me Evil Minions photo was [stolen from here]. 

The real Corpobots, minions of the corporations and bankers are not cute. They are not lovable. They are Wall St., New York City scum. 

These minions have left a swath through the US and US Constitution.

Would you rather have a 10x20 concrete UN Agenda 21 prison home in a city with no life and no US Constitution with the trillions of wasted tax dollars for limitless NSA domestic spying and wars where we fund both sides, or do you want a good job, a home on land, a real American lifestyle, a future, and an intact US Constitution?

The below post breaks it down and has video:

[Police Are Corporate Armed Revenue Collectors]

[Steven G. Erickson video favorites and uploads]

David Knight of Infowars and his NYPD caller in breaks it down:

Police Quotas

Pro Vaccine Campaign Exposed!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Obama Censors Internet with Executive Order?

It is time to put the Constitution Abuser out of office. Impeach, prosecute, jail. Nobama

"Drone Strikes Suck"


Congress is supposed to make the laws, representing we the people.

There is major opposition to Internet Censorship.

Obama acts as dictator and signs Executive Orders.

Why are we putting up with this? 

Link to post:


ENDGAME Documentary Gets Removed From YouTube!!

CIA torture program was “Dick Cheney’s baby” – John Kiriakou

SILENCED: The War On Whistleblowers (Kiriakou/Radack/Drake) [2014]


[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites]

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Billboard to wake people up?

Alex Jones of offered $5000, or whatever, for an idea for a billboard sign. The contest is probably over, but I would have entered something like the above with a little more time spent on it.

Bi Fung Goo

Is the USA, now the CCC, Corporate Concentration Camp?

The TSA already is, or will be, deciding if you can get a driver's license, be able to travel inside the US, or even to get a job. It won't be long when a mandatory GPS device will tax you by the mile, for parking, make you put in a "drive plan" similar to what pilots now have to do to fly, where the destination can be denied for any excuse, or if you owe international bankers, corporate organized crime, taxes, fees, fines, alimony, judgments, and/or child support. You may even need a special TSA license to date.

Why are we funding wars based on lies told by international bankers and corporate organized crime. Why isn't a US President who is dismantling the US Constitution arrested, prosecuted, and jailed? 

Some Americans are looking to be "Free" and "American" at the same time and leave the US in, or before, 2016.


Michael Chertoff was a former Federal Prosecutor prosecuting Mafia. It seems Chertoff and other insiders make policies in the public sector, transfer over to the banking and corporate organized crime sector and steal billions and trillions from we the people. Chertoff has seemed to learn Mafia techniques to use on us with immunity from prosecution. Chertoff as head of US DHS Department of Homeland Security signed off on microwave radiation scanners to radiate you at airports, then he went to work for the company he made billions for. That is just one example. You are being raped, radiated, robbed, enslaved, and have entered the slow-kill program:

The Clintons made money hand over fist getting speaking fees. Were then CIA Cocaine Drug Kingpins in Arkansas?: [Meet the Clintons]

Should State Troopers, like in Connecticut, falsify US DHS Department of Homeland Security hours worked, not work them, get caught stealing and falsifying official documents, embezzling your tax dollars and not getting punished or having to pay back what they stole?:

Maybe most compelling 9/11 video I've seen
Steven G. Erickson's video uploads and favorites [found here]

[click here] for:

Attn Atty Looney Sandy Hook Taskforce


* * * *

We're #1... in Debt! | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV

The Real Millionaires of Congress | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV

Abby Martin Uncovers 9/11 | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV

(A) Grandma Exposes (ISIS as a) CIA Operation

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CIA/FBI/Police making you pay for Shameless Propaganda?

Scroll down in post for video

Noami Wolf photo was [found here].

US taxpayers are literally paying taxes to be lied to. Legislation passed that Naomi Wolf talks about allows the CIA, FBI, police, or their operatives to stage events, give false stories to mainstream media, and fund movies that tell complete lies such is alleged with Zero Dark Thirty and The American Sniper.

Why should police and officials know, and record, events like while and when you shower, sit on the toilet, when and how you have sex and with who, what you spend money on, your views, and inventory all that you own. Almost every conversation you have is part of a permanent record.

If you are self-employed, Amish, farm, own livestock, have a concealed carry permit holder, hike in the wilderness, are outspoken and calling the occupiers of the US Government, courts, policing, and military out on their BS you can be put on their list. If you are on their list they want to take your professional licenses, driver's license, break up your romantic relationships, terrorize you out of your home, permanently estrange you from your children if you have them, destroy your reputation, make you broke and unemployable, cause you to have tax debts you can never possibly repay, have police informants set you up for prison, beat, and/or murder you.

When they come raid your house, they know when you will be in the shower.

If police officers make up they worked overtime for the DHS that they did not work, do not have to pay back money stolen from taxpayers, aren't punished would they also not be telling the truth about Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing? Check out link below.

[Real life examples that might be part of an official hearing]

BOSTON BOMBING: Naomi Wolf Exposes Fake News/False Flags

The same lying liars are lying us into wars. They don't care when they are caught. More lies into wars. Barack Obama is a shameless corporate war whore.

The War You Don't See (2010) (Sub español) HD

Globalization is explained in video below. America is next. Its owners are going to treat the citizens like only 3rd World citizens were treated in the past, The World Bank, IMF, other international bankers, corporate organized crime, and other elites will soon "globalize" the US. 

John Pilger - The New Rulers of the World

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DARPA crawling MICROCHIPS? Prisoners, Military, Officials, and Police first to be chipped?

Scroll down in post for video

Above image was [found here]. 


click title of below post for entire piece

Nanny State: Cops Stop Teens from Shoveling Snow Without Their Government Issued Permit

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

Toss this one on the list right next to the ridiculousness of government-targeted lemonade stands.

There’s a war against making any money the government can’t take a cut of these days.

In Louisiana, for example, a law was passed in 2011 making it illegal to use cash to purchase anything secondhand even though our Fed notes clearly state, “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” How many people who hold garage sales take credit cards, anyway? Bye bye almost all Louisiana garage sales.

Well now teens who want to make a few extra bucks shoveling snow-covered driveways for old ladies are out of luck unless they apply for, pay for, and are granted the permission of the all mighty government.


click title of below post for entire piece

Elected and Above the Law: Bill ''Would Exempt Lawmakers from Prosecution of Nearly Any Crimes''

Mac Slavo
Activist Post

This one is just too rich. The arrogance and absurdity is over the top.

Granted, most of the political class is already de facto above the law to begin with.

But now, a lawmaker in Oklahoma has introduced a bill to officially give most lawmakers, judges, appointees and holders of high office immunity from prosecution.

Taking away your kids when you've done nothing wrong, malicious prosecution, taking away your home, your job, and sending you to prison is reason for elites to laugh in your face right? Please check out the post on Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers below, and email, call, and write the appropriate authorities to make sure the below broom rider does not continue to do harm to average Americans, families, and the US economy. 

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Public Corruption and Judicial Misconduct's best friend, Chase T. Rogers?



Text with below video:

Published on Feb 10, 2015
Alex Jones takes calls and hears from a former United States Marine who tells how he and the people in his unit were microchipped.

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Marine Tells Story Of Being Microchipped

Monday, February 09, 2015

Your Smart TV is set up to Break Up Relationships and for Your Arrest

Image with post from Activist Post [found here]. Scroll down in post for video. Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites are [found here].

Samsung lets you know in the agreement to use their devices that they send all your information, conversations, texts etc to a 3rd party. All is recorded and stored. They are not the only ones.

Microsoft can fine you for swearing in your own home. You can be set up for a police beating, arrest, prison, and/or you being murdered at any time. Domestic spying is not for your benefit.

If you are self-employed, a small business owner, a concealed carry permit holder, have a pistol permit, have guns, are outspoken, or talk about  joining a militia, or buying guns, even before 9/11, police could be listening to you in real time ready to bust in your door, or set you up for an arrest or police informant beating. If you talk about judicial reform or misconduct, police brutality, or public corruption you might even be set up to be murdered and have it look like a suicide. [More]

Get into an argument inside your home, or in your On-Star equipped vehicle. Police can show up and arrest you for a domestic dispute. Your alcohol and drug use is monitored by devices and if you go out to drive, you might just get popped. Drink in a corporate chain bar, there is facial recognition in the cameras. You pay with a credit or debit card, why wonder when you then get a DUI or OUI.

Police will often pop women for crimes if they are attractive, and then use them to get guys to drive drunk, thinking they are going to sleep with the women. Police, lawyers, and the courts increase their numbers of customers paying into them.

Attractive women on probation often have to provide sexual services to probation officers, police officers, lawyers, and prosecutors. These women can also be used to make guys think they have girlfriends, and when the girl asks for money to buy illegal drugs, the guy gets popped loses all he has saved, property, vehicle, job, and can go to prison.

A lawyer can buy another sports car or vacation homes. A lawyer can give the cops kickbacks for getting them customers. [Talked about here in Judicial Abuse blog]

The Connecticut State Police have, or had, a taxpayer funded golf outing to celebrate 100, or more arrests for DUI. It is called "The 100 Club". It is to celebrate false arrests, lying, perjury, manufacturing and withholding evidence, ripping you off, making you lose your job, home, children, and marriage. [Post on Connecticut State Police 100 Club].

This post is old, but it shows the mentality of the police state has not changed:

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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Great White "Save your Love"

Scroll down in post for music video

Click on photo to make larger. Great White Shark picture and Great White Sharks post found here [on Wikipedia].

Some blogs and websites I visit:

[Kenny's Side Show blog] ... if you know why Kenny has not been blogging lately, please let me know stevengerickson at yahoo dot com ... great sidebar with lots of other activist blogs.

Alex Jones youtube video channel 

Steven G. Erickson's video channel 



The occupiers of the US, international bankers and corporate organized crime, should fear US Veterans as they "get it"

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Superbowl sends off NBC "Blacklist" TV Series. What's the hidden message?

James Spader's [IMDb listing]. His picture from his younger days was lifted [from here].

What type of hidden message for the American public was hidden in plain sight in the latest round of episodes of NBC "The Blacklist" TV series? The Superbowl just got some of its heaviest viewing ever, and then for the captive audience of mostly testosterone semi-induced comas were ripe for some more subliminal messages.

Torture is okay. Torture is okay on US soil. It's great the CIA operates on US soil and helps install puppet leaders. The FBI, just killing inconvenient truth, is okay. "Inconvenient Truth" is not something I am saying to celebrate one of the biggest, almost billionaire, parasites on humanity, Al Gore. Sending the latest US warplanes with air to surface missiles to blow up a super domestic terrorist on US soil is okay, right? If a hundred other innocents are killed to keep secret CIA/international banker/corporate organized crime secrets, crimes, and list of their personnel is okay, right?

The message is "We're Here!". When I say that, I am not saying, "We the People." The UN, CIA, spy goon contractors, international bankers, CIA's drug traffickers, makers of war and policing paraphernalia, and corporate organized crime are saying more than, "We are here." They are saying, "We are here bitches, and we can do whatever we want."

Wave the flag!

The US is no longer sovereign, it is just a team with jerseys and a logo. Go team!



[click here] for:

USDOJ Public Corruption Taskforce

The DOJ announces formation of 5 agency public corruption task force to investigate court corruption following writers two-year coverage of corruption by Communities Digital News


Sunday, February 01, 2015

Should Hillary Clinton potentially be executed using Federal Drug Kingpin Law?

Image of Hillary Clinton was found here.

I was recently watching a crime documentary series on Netflix. When the US Death Penalty being cranked up, [The Federal Drug Kingpin Law] could have been used, and was eventually used, to kill a Hispanic drug dealer.  Does the law currently apply to the wrongdoing of alleged Drug Kingpin, Hillary Clinton?

Have more than 5 operatives under your direction involved in the drug trade and if murders occur, than the leader can be tried in Federal Court and potentially be executed. Hillary Clinton and her co-partner in crime, Bill Clinton allegedly were CIA drug trafficker Kingpins in Arkansas and murders did occur to cover up the Clinton complicity. There is allegedly a huge body count that racked up even into the Clinton White House. The best evidence is in this [Corbett Report] video [Meet the Clintons]. Should Hillary Clinton be subject to be prosecuted under the Federal Drug Kingpin Law and possibly executed if found guilty by a jury?

Should have every former US President from President Reagan to the current administration also have been subject to prosecution under this law? What about heads of the CIA and those using military transports to smuggle in heroin, cocaine, marijuana, or any other illegal narcotics? Should those who finance all out wars, conduct propaganda dissemination inside the US to lead us into wars, and who use the drug trafficking proceeds to murder and conduct criminal operations also be subject to that same law? Should citizens who use the government's products like cocaine, heroin, and other drugs be prosecuted, or those in jail for this, let out?

The first to be executed under the Federal Law would have been a minority. But, Timothy McVeigh was executed and that took precedence in mainstream news. The Oklahoma City bombing where a Federal Building was partially blown up is a scandal in itself. Listen to this [Interview 509 – Roger G. Charles on What the OKC Investigation Missed] on the Corbett Report.

We live in a BS world. The biggest criminals in the history of the world who have perpetrated the biggest thefts in the history of the world say we need to obey their rules, that they are exempt from them, and don't have to follow the US Constitution to rule we the people inside the US. What is wrong with this picture? Shouldn't existing laws be used to prosecute the current crop of criminals in charge? Isn't collaborating with the international banker and corporate organized crime cartel that have us under stealth occupation, treason?

* * * *
* * * *

* * * *

The CIA and US DHS are allegedly working with the Connecticut State Police and the Connecticut State Police Intelligence Unit. The CIA is about spreading disinformation to install puppet leaders to best serve the international banker and corporate organized crime cartel AND for the trafficking of cocaine and heroin. So, are the Connecticut State Police and DCF involved in drug trafficking, spewing of propaganda, racketeering, conspiracy, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and other crimes? Are there any elected officials on our side, not theirs? 

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Attn Atty Looney Sandy Hook Taskforce



LA Times sues Pentagon for covering up huge bonus payouts in flawed $40 billion missile project

Text with video:

Published on Jan 30, 2015
The Los Angeles Times is squaring off with the Pentagon, suing the Department of Defense for trying to hinder its reporting on a non-functioning $40 billion missile defense system. Journalists at the organization have long followed the program that is plagued with failures, and are now claiming the government is stonewalling them when it comes to information on massive bonuses paid to contractors who have yet to make the system operational. RT’s Lindsay France reporters from Los Angeles, and Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret.) offers analysis from Washington.

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