Thursday, February 12, 2015

Billboard to wake people up?

Alex Jones of offered $5000, or whatever, for an idea for a billboard sign. The contest is probably over, but I would have entered something like the above with a little more time spent on it.

Bi Fung Goo

Is the USA, now the CCC, Corporate Concentration Camp?

The TSA already is, or will be, deciding if you can get a driver's license, be able to travel inside the US, or even to get a job. It won't be long when a mandatory GPS device will tax you by the mile, for parking, make you put in a "drive plan" similar to what pilots now have to do to fly, where the destination can be denied for any excuse, or if you owe international bankers, corporate organized crime, taxes, fees, fines, alimony, judgments, and/or child support. You may even need a special TSA license to date.

Why are we funding wars based on lies told by international bankers and corporate organized crime. Why isn't a US President who is dismantling the US Constitution arrested, prosecuted, and jailed? 

Some Americans are looking to be "Free" and "American" at the same time and leave the US in, or before, 2016.


Michael Chertoff was a former Federal Prosecutor prosecuting Mafia. It seems Chertoff and other insiders make policies in the public sector, transfer over to the banking and corporate organized crime sector and steal billions and trillions from we the people. Chertoff has seemed to learn Mafia techniques to use on us with immunity from prosecution. Chertoff as head of US DHS Department of Homeland Security signed off on microwave radiation scanners to radiate you at airports, then he went to work for the company he made billions for. That is just one example. You are being raped, radiated, robbed, enslaved, and have entered the slow-kill program:

The Clintons made money hand over fist getting speaking fees. Were then CIA Cocaine Drug Kingpins in Arkansas?: [Meet the Clintons]

Should State Troopers, like in Connecticut, falsify US DHS Department of Homeland Security hours worked, not work them, get caught stealing and falsifying official documents, embezzling your tax dollars and not getting punished or having to pay back what they stole?:

Maybe most compelling 9/11 video I've seen
Steven G. Erickson's video uploads and favorites [found here]

[click here] for:

Attn Atty Looney Sandy Hook Taskforce


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