Friday, February 20, 2015

Hoarding Laws, UN Agenda 21?

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Woman Hoarding cats picture [found with post here]. There are already gaggles of health code, animal protection, safety, mental health, and other laws already on the books. There are too many laws that are now not enforced. It seems most new laws are to further spy on us and abuse us, to collect revenue, fines, and confiscate cash, assets, property, children, to process us in courts, put on probation, or put us in prisons or mental hospitals.


The [Connecticut Legislature] and [The Public Safety and Security Committee] originated the Hoarding Task Force to consider future hoarding legislation. It is probably just away for fudges who are being bribed, [who perjure themselves at confirmation hearings] in front of the [CT Judiciary Committee], lawyers, and mental health corporate providers who are all in bed together, are out to screw you out of even more of your cash, assets, and property beyond the outrageous taxes already collected.

Why don't you call, email, write, and fax the above elected officials about what you think of the Hoarding Laws? Why don't you contact your own elected officials and ask them what Agenda 21 rules are they adopting? A Coral Springs, Florida, woman who had paid all her taxes, owned her home, violated international law by not hooking up to public utilities such as water and electricity collecting rain water and generating electricity was kicked out of her own house!

Connecticut State Police Troopers, and other officers, could submit fraudulent paperwork and embezzle US Taxpayer Homeland Security, DHS, funds and not have to pay it back, not get time off unpaid, and were nor prosecuted for grand theft, submitting false paperwork, lying, committing perjury, and for other felonies. [Scroll down in post look of John A. Danaher III name].

[CT Governor John G. Rowland, DHS, DCF, Drug Dealers, Bankers, Organized Crime all in bed together]

Rolling text in below video:

Hoarding laws are allegedly being proposed nationwide as part of UN Agenda 21.

Citizens can be more easily controlled if they are broke, homeless, the family unit is broken, if they are on probation, in prison, in a mental ward under, or under mental health care.

International bankers and corporate organized crime wants you weak with no say in what they do.

Report your neighbor if you are jealous, having a feud, want them to lose their house, ruin them financially, or for their family to break up.

Saving for your retirement or having more than 3 days of food and water stored can be considered hoarding.

Having a hobby where you collect dolls or model airplanes can be considered hoarding.

Having guns and ammunition can be considered hoarding.

It is just another excuse to have police in your house, courts, lawyers, judges, and mental health workers in your life.

It is about another undeclared tax.

In Somerville Massachusetts and other town across US, it is $75/day/can fine for having trash cans with their lids raised more than 6", overstuffed, or knocked over. So, towns make money if they pay and send out vandals to stuff trash in your cans or knock them over.

Vandals make money for towns by smashing windows and damaging siding when towns charge $75/day fine for blighted property which they eventually seize.

The State, judges taking bribes, lawyers, and mental health workers who are all in bed together get richer.

Each time someone is hired, paid with your tax dollars, their job is to figure out how to collect more revenue and confiscate more cash, assets, property, and to process you through courts, government institutions, and programs.

The US has the largest percentage of citizens incarcerated in the world.

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The CIA used US taxpayer dollars to fund what became Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, IS, ISIL, ISIS etc. So, the censoring of the internet is to keep ISIS from spreading, or the CIA? Censoring the internet will result in greater injustice, police brutality, mean more wars, more torture, more nations losing their sovereignty, more citizens becoming poorer, no representation for your taxation, no matter where you live. The expansion of the international banker and corporate organized crime stealth takeover of the US and all countries.

Police are all set to go house to house to search to see if you have guns, money, gold, food, a hot daughter or wife ... or to see if your house is messy and if you are hoarding. The US Constitution is being used as toilet paper by the cops, courts, and US Government occupation of our lives.

Did the CIA’s involvement in the 1980s drug trade lead to police militarization?


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