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Is the US just a Sleazy Corporation, not a Democratic Republic?

Image of flag flying upside down at corporate giant McDonalds Hamburger Restaurant WV was [found here].

Is the US Government in America, actually just a corporation? The debate is not if, but when this happened.

Is the US a Democratic Republic, or something else? Is capitalized, "UNITED STATES of AMERICA" a legal corporation, whereas the non-capitalized version is something else?

It is broken down in [this website]. Cornell University Law School gives the definition of what is the United States, [scroll down in this webpage].

Courts are for corporations. Lawyers and judges swear an oath to their
legal based corporations which supersedes any other oaths, including the
oath to honor, protect, and defend the US Constitution.

So, courts are to protect corporate interests, not yours. The government is a
corporation for protecting corporations. Banks can be corporations, but
corporations are not necessarily banks. Why haven't you been taught this
history in schools?

Departments and agencies should not have the ability to enact laws in a
Democratic Republic, Congress is supposed to do that. It means the ATF,
FBI, EPA, IRS, etc. don't legitimately make the rules and laws. Were you
born a debtor owing a debt to international corporations? Are you a
corporate slave?

Does the FBI, CIA, NSA, US DHS etc use your tax dollars to infect your brain with mindless propaganda? [Blog post with embedded videos]

The subject of this post is not talked about until the latter part of
the Alex Jones Infowars embedded video. Scroll in about 2/3.

How All States Have Been Corporations Since 1933

Text with video:

Published on Feb 25, 2015
[The following is excerpted from Judge Dale’s The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America.] On March 9, 1933, House Joint Resolution No. 192-10 by the 73rd Congress, was voted into law, which is the Emergency Banking Act. This Act declared the Treasury of the United States, ‘Bankrupt’, which is an impossible feat since the U. S. Treasury was secretly closed by the Congress twelve years earlier in 1921. The Emergency Banking Act succeeded in abrogating America’s gold standard and hypothecated all property found within the United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank.

All Sovereign American Citizens residing within the Republic of States suddenly and falsely were expatriated from their Sovereign American status without their knowledge or consent and their labor, souls, children, property, sweat equity and credit became the financial collateral for the public debt, which had then been converted into a Public Trust, which had been scripted after the ancient Roman Trusts.
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[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites]
If America is an actual Democratic Republic, would lawyers not be able to rig the system as legislators, and Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers would not be re-nominated as Judge and then be arrested, and prosecuted, and hopefully imprisoned for condoning, looking the other way, for misprison of felonies for not reporting felonies committed reported to her, for obstruction of justice, for rigging or allowing the rigging of court cases, for allowing malicious prosecutions for personal retaliations, and for other crimes? [That story]


Does corporate banker run US Fluoridate drinking water at 3 to 5 times higher concentrations that are known to cause stupidity, various health problems, and obesity to causing thyroid problems? [Alex Jones Infowars video featuring David Knight]


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Blogger snoop4truth said...

"Judge DALE" is hoax. All of the online articles that are fraudulently attributed to "Judge DALE" are also hoaxes. The people behind the hoax have already admitted it. This is the reason that you have never actually seen a photo, video or live appearance of "Judge DALE". He does not actually exist.

The REAL author of all of the online LEGAL articles that are fraudulently attributed to "Judge DALE" is actually "Rodney DALE Class", an amateur legal theorist with barely a high school education who was NEVER a judge anytime anywhere.

Thus, Rod Class write FAKE legal articles which 'reveal" FAKE legal information while writing as a FAKE judge.

The people behind the "Judge DALE Hoax" are also behind a number of other online hoaxes. They have nothing but hatred and contempt for their readers.

Do not get fooled this vicious attack on the American people.

Sunday, October 04, 2015 11:51:00 PM  

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