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Retro Viking - YouTube

Image found using image word searches was [stolen from here]. 

Many people had not heard of youtube, been on youtube, or uploaded a video on youtube back in January 2007 when I uploaded the 40 second video called "Nail Gun Fun in Vermont." Or, maybe you did hear of it and were on youtube, there were not many of us. There was a 10 minute video length and 10 megabyte limit back then. It took special software, special hardware, and the ability to edit video to make it fit on youtube back in the day, so long ago technologically, 2007. 

There is now high definition videos that can be uploaded with unlimited gigabyte files. A grandmother who knits can have a blog and get 7 hits a month. I got 10,000 hits as a blogger in 2004 and kids in schools would get assignments to contact a blogger, and was so alarmed that children were contacting me that I told them I needed their parents', or teachers', permission before I responded back.

The owner of was paying about $400 per month for bandwidth, I was just a writer on his blog, so there weren't many blogs, or bloggers. It was then a novelty, and I traveled down to Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana, and was recognized as someone famous, a blogger. Now, not so much, I am anonymous, because there are so many bloggers now who have so much more talent and online presence.

Writing letters to the editor printed in Connecticut newspapers, or the blogging I did early in my blogging career, meant police waiting outside my door, banging on my door yelling threats, or police informants out to beat me for what I wrote. It was my America then, it is YOUR new American reality now.  

After my Connecticut US Police State experience, I was basically hiding out from the Connecticut State Police in Vermont. I had no cell phone, and was careful where I logged onto the Internet. I still feared the Connecticut State Police would keep to their word and kill me for having gotten mouthy in newspapers about their criminal activity, about their court rigging, and about their profiteering off the public, mostly honest taxpayers with families.

Prostitution, selling drugs, breaking into houses, vandalism, raping, beating, murdering, and organized crime activities seemed fine with police, but being "mouthy" for a civilian, was not. Criminal activities meant more tax dollars, promotions, freebies, sex taken at too many opportunities, racketeering, retaliation, and boosting testosterone for most White male police officers.

It was mostly me who built the storage units shown in video, Winchester, New Hampshire, not far from my home in Brattleboro, Vermont. My friend [Todd, now deceased], didn't want me to strap the building across for stability, even when I said I would do the labor for free. The first big snow, took the whole building down, and I could get no more carpentry work ... and I did not have to wonder why.

Todd would loan just about anyone money. Todd would go and do carpentry projects for just about anyone and sometimes would buy the materials himself, and donate his time for free. Twice Todd sold me mini vans for $500 each when they were worth at least $1500 to $2500 and often would not even charge me for oil changes, complete break jobs, exhaust jobs, or what have you? I was glad to just go to his house, stack wood, power wash his house, or help other people that he knew just to partially pay him back for all he did for me. I sometimes would just have to leave money on his desk with a note, just to get him to take money that I knew I owed him.

I never had to even ask for pay when he owed me, it was just right there in my hand. But, pay in that part of Southern New Hampshire and Vermont is not high for any sort of occupation unless you are a doctor, lawyer, or some sort of elite that is rare in these parts.

I knew no one, had no friends, when I set out to hide to retain my life from 2006, and previous, I almost froze to death homeless in the snowy woods of Vermont in the middle of Winter.

The people and the land absorbed me. I was so broken, poor, and out of my element, I didn't know what I truly had. My life was permanently altered from having been [railroaded to prison in 2002], and yet again having been an insurance adjuster in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina while still on probation for having resisted being mugged on my own property for having used pepper spray ending the attack on me where I avoided being stabbed.

The smart and resourceful Jews left Nazi Germany while they could. Had they stayed, they would be dead. Are the same drums beating in America? Are the new Jews, all the new Native Americans, who believe in the US Constitution, intact?

I discovered something else here in 2008, I am good at sales, and that I probably suck as a roofer and carpenter. I discovered I suck as a factory worker, 2011, after I found out I could sell the crap out of used cars as long as I wasn't politically active and mouthy ... I learned what it is like to live out on a Harley, out in the wind, no home. I've had motorcycles, but I really didn't know how many girls like Harleys and aren't shy about asking for a ride.

Let's talk about right now. I want to be "free" and "American" at the same time. I probably do not want to renounce my US citizenship, but I want to live as long as I can, the best as I can. The international banker and corporate organized crime cartel and their pandering police and judges helped break up my family unit and belief in the American Dream.

What the most evil doers, who are paid with US tax dollars, taught me in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, is that I am not invincible, and that I should give up and call it a day when I am beaten. If being beaten means not remaining the United States of America, I won't.

[These are my current video uploads and favorites]

I had ten dollars in my pocket, owned nothing, had no vehicle of my own to drive, and had a girlfriend willing to take me in when I shot the below video in January 2007:


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