Sunday, February 01, 2015

Should Hillary Clinton potentially be executed using Federal Drug Kingpin Law?

Image of Hillary Clinton was found here.

I was recently watching a crime documentary series on Netflix. When the US Death Penalty being cranked up, [The Federal Drug Kingpin Law] could have been used, and was eventually used, to kill a Hispanic drug dealer.  Does the law currently apply to the wrongdoing of alleged Drug Kingpin, Hillary Clinton?

Have more than 5 operatives under your direction involved in the drug trade and if murders occur, than the leader can be tried in Federal Court and potentially be executed. Hillary Clinton and her co-partner in crime, Bill Clinton allegedly were CIA drug trafficker Kingpins in Arkansas and murders did occur to cover up the Clinton complicity. There is allegedly a huge body count that racked up even into the Clinton White House. The best evidence is in this [Corbett Report] video [Meet the Clintons]. Should Hillary Clinton be subject to be prosecuted under the Federal Drug Kingpin Law and possibly executed if found guilty by a jury?

Should have every former US President from President Reagan to the current administration also have been subject to prosecution under this law? What about heads of the CIA and those using military transports to smuggle in heroin, cocaine, marijuana, or any other illegal narcotics? Should those who finance all out wars, conduct propaganda dissemination inside the US to lead us into wars, and who use the drug trafficking proceeds to murder and conduct criminal operations also be subject to that same law? Should citizens who use the government's products like cocaine, heroin, and other drugs be prosecuted, or those in jail for this, let out?

The first to be executed under the Federal Law would have been a minority. But, Timothy McVeigh was executed and that took precedence in mainstream news. The Oklahoma City bombing where a Federal Building was partially blown up is a scandal in itself. Listen to this [Interview 509 – Roger G. Charles on What the OKC Investigation Missed] on the Corbett Report.

We live in a BS world. The biggest criminals in the history of the world who have perpetrated the biggest thefts in the history of the world say we need to obey their rules, that they are exempt from them, and don't have to follow the US Constitution to rule we the people inside the US. What is wrong with this picture? Shouldn't existing laws be used to prosecute the current crop of criminals in charge? Isn't collaborating with the international banker and corporate organized crime cartel that have us under stealth occupation, treason?

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The CIA and US DHS are allegedly working with the Connecticut State Police and the Connecticut State Police Intelligence Unit. The CIA is about spreading disinformation to install puppet leaders to best serve the international banker and corporate organized crime cartel AND for the trafficking of cocaine and heroin. So, are the Connecticut State Police and DCF involved in drug trafficking, spewing of propaganda, racketeering, conspiracy, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and other crimes? Are there any elected officials on our side, not theirs? 

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LA Times sues Pentagon for covering up huge bonus payouts in flawed $40 billion missile project

Text with video:

Published on Jan 30, 2015
The Los Angeles Times is squaring off with the Pentagon, suing the Department of Defense for trying to hinder its reporting on a non-functioning $40 billion missile defense system. Journalists at the organization have long followed the program that is plagued with failures, and are now claiming the government is stonewalling them when it comes to information on massive bonuses paid to contractors who have yet to make the system operational. RT’s Lindsay France reporters from Los Angeles, and Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret.) offers analysis from Washington.

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