Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Superbowl sends off NBC "Blacklist" TV Series. What's the hidden message?

James Spader's [IMDb listing]. His picture from his younger days was lifted [from here].

What type of hidden message for the American public was hidden in plain sight in the latest round of episodes of NBC "The Blacklist" TV series? The Superbowl just got some of its heaviest viewing ever, and then for the captive audience of mostly testosterone semi-induced comas were ripe for some more subliminal messages.

Torture is okay. Torture is okay on US soil. It's great the CIA operates on US soil and helps install puppet leaders. The FBI, just killing inconvenient truth, is okay. "Inconvenient Truth" is not something I am saying to celebrate one of the biggest, almost billionaire, parasites on humanity, Al Gore. Sending the latest US warplanes with air to surface missiles to blow up a super domestic terrorist on US soil is okay, right? If a hundred other innocents are killed to keep secret CIA/international banker/corporate organized crime secrets, crimes, and list of their personnel is okay, right?

The message is "We're Here!". When I say that, I am not saying, "We the People." The UN, CIA, spy goon contractors, international bankers, CIA's drug traffickers, makers of war and policing paraphernalia, and corporate organized crime are saying more than, "We are here." They are saying, "We are here bitches, and we can do whatever we want."

Wave the flag!

The US is no longer sovereign, it is just a team with jerseys and a logo. Go team!






[click here] for:

USDOJ Public Corruption Taskforce

The DOJ announces formation of 5 agency public corruption task force to investigate court corruption following writers two-year coverage of corruption by Communities Digital News



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