Monday, February 09, 2015

Your Smart TV is set up to Break Up Relationships and for Your Arrest

Image with post from Activist Post [found here]. Scroll down in post for video. Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites are [found here].

Samsung lets you know in the agreement to use their devices that they send all your information, conversations, texts etc to a 3rd party. All is recorded and stored. They are not the only ones.

Microsoft can fine you for swearing in your own home. You can be set up for a police beating, arrest, prison, and/or you being murdered at any time. Domestic spying is not for your benefit.

If you are self-employed, a small business owner, a concealed carry permit holder, have a pistol permit, have guns, are outspoken, or talk about  joining a militia, or buying guns, even before 9/11, police could be listening to you in real time ready to bust in your door, or set you up for an arrest or police informant beating. If you talk about judicial reform or misconduct, police brutality, or public corruption you might even be set up to be murdered and have it look like a suicide. [More]

Get into an argument inside your home, or in your On-Star equipped vehicle. Police can show up and arrest you for a domestic dispute. Your alcohol and drug use is monitored by devices and if you go out to drive, you might just get popped. Drink in a corporate chain bar, there is facial recognition in the cameras. You pay with a credit or debit card, why wonder when you then get a DUI or OUI.

Police will often pop women for crimes if they are attractive, and then use them to get guys to drive drunk, thinking they are going to sleep with the women. Police, lawyers, and the courts increase their numbers of customers paying into them.

Attractive women on probation often have to provide sexual services to probation officers, police officers, lawyers, and prosecutors. These women can also be used to make guys think they have girlfriends, and when the girl asks for money to buy illegal drugs, the guy gets popped loses all he has saved, property, vehicle, job, and can go to prison.

A lawyer can buy another sports car or vacation homes. A lawyer can give the cops kickbacks for getting them customers. [Talked about here in Judicial Abuse blog]

The Connecticut State Police have, or had, a taxpayer funded golf outing to celebrate 100, or more arrests for DUI. It is called "The 100 Club". It is to celebrate false arrests, lying, perjury, manufacturing and withholding evidence, ripping you off, making you lose your job, home, children, and marriage. [Post on Connecticut State Police 100 Club].

This post is old, but it shows the mentality of the police state has not changed:

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