Friday, March 13, 2015

Citizens 20 plus times more likely to be shot by Cops, than Cops by Citizens?

The picture is of former Hartford Connecticut Detective Robert Lawlor, aka The Teflon Badge. Lawlor shot two Blacks in the back in his second shooting event of minorities. Officer Bob posed in front of a badge and American Flag calling himself the "Great American Patriot" getting all sorts of donations from other cops nationwide ... Wow! [story]

Scroll down for video in post.

Are Citizens 20+ times more likely to be shot by Cops, than Cops by Citizens, who are mostly unarmed, and not a threat to the police officers? Should Police Officers be trained by international bankers, billionaires, their international police union, and corporate organized crime that the people are the enemy?

I clicked on the [Drudge Report] and then was inspired to post his video that I shot.

[Wikipedia post on cops]

[US Census numbers]

40,000 smash your doors down, police gun drawn, special military raids on civilians. Maybe well over 1000 Americans gunned down by police [story].

Cops shot in the line of Duty. [Atlantic dot com]

Connecticut State Police Major murders his wife, shoots hid wife's lawyer on court steps, commits suicide. Major had hundreds of thousands of unexplained cash before his divorce proceedings began. [Story]

Connecticut Police Officer Scott Smith chases down black suspect, stands on his back, places his gun against suspect's back, executes man. [story]

Hartford Detective Robert Lawlor, shoots 2 Blacks in Back in his second racially motivated shooting, calls himself, "The Great American Patriot" [story]

Rolling text with video below:

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Word search Stark Raving Viking blog and look for today’s date for links to go with video

If my math is correct an officer has less than 1/10 of 1 percent chance of being shot on duty not necessarily killed

George W. Bush’s uncle, a Federal Judge ran down and killed a New Haven Connecticut Police Officer directing traffic [Federal Judge John M. Walker Jr. kills New Haven Police Officer Picagli]

The Police Officer was blamed for his own death for not being orange enough. No big cop funeral

Is the big hype about police being shot going to be a ploy to take our rights?

The elites want to tax us to breathe oxygen as we exhale carbon dioxide. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.

Billionaires, International Bankers, and Corporate Organized Crime have already stolen most land, wealth, and resources.

They want us to riot, so there is an excuse to crack down, suspend the US Constitution, officially

CNN “Experts” are already talking how great an NU, a North American Union of the US, Canada, and Mexico will be.

The UN is just a cover for the Central Bankers. Banks are corporations.

The Federal Reserve Bank isn’t Federal and it isn’t a bank.

The FED is an international corporation that loans paper of no real value to take land, resources, fruits of our labor, to charge us interest on value the offshore elites have stolen from us.

Did the Connecticut State Police Major have a stash of cash from heroin and cocaine trafficking or other racketeering?

Did the Connecticut State Police Major murder his wife and commit suicide to keep all his friends from having to answer where they got there stashed wads of cash?

The WHITE officer placed his gun against the BLACK man’s back and SHOT

Can you imagine a BLACK man standing on the back of a WHITE POLICE OFFICER and executing the OFFICER?

Then getting off without spending the rest of is life in prison, and then getting his defense paid for, first trial purposely botched, skating on appeal, to make possible millions suing for damages

Is a “Great American Patriot” a White Cop who Shoots a Black in the Back? Is it beyond disgusting that this Robert Lawlor, a murderer, posts his picture in front of an American Flag and Police Badge?

My “Math” was quick. I’ll post the links. Please comment on this video if you are a skilled statistician and have more exact numbers than mine.

The question is do you want to be led away to be educated in a camp, or do you want to learn how to resist electronics free, free of the Bankers’ Eyes and Ears, with your fellow countrymen ... and women? At this point there still is a non-violent solution.

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The State of Connecticut is so abusive, known for just ripping  average citizens off, taking children away from good parents,  is anti-small business and self-employed, targets concealed carry pistol permit holders for arrests, total ruin, breaks up families, is about predatory policing, rigged courts, making lawyers rich, public corruption etc., that population fled so Connecticut needed one less Congressperson eliminating a district.

Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers contributes to, and fosters the public corruption, racketeering, profiteering, and official abuse in Connecticut. [Post with links]


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