Sunday, March 22, 2015

Death Camps for Lying Lawyer Scumbags?

I did a image search using the words, "Shark head lawyer," and the above image of Steven Spielberg in a shark's mouth was a choice. The shark was probably one of the mechanical marvels of the time for the movie Jaws. Image stolen [from here]. The mechanical shark was allegedly named, "Bruce," after Spielberg's attorney.

First they came for the farmers, declared war on the self-sufficient, then they came for me because I was self-employed painting without a bank or corporation involved, now they are coming for you. 

If billionaires, international bankers, and corporate organized crime get their wish, a total takeover of the US as a Police State, what need would be for lying lawyer scumbags, especially the ones who are legislators?

If Judges, police, DHS, TSA, EPA, FDA, NSA, FBI, CIA, IRS, other officials, and their contractors etc., just decide someone's fate at a keyboard, what need will there be for lawyers? In some states children can be removed from any home with just a judge's signature, no hearing. With the NDAA and Patriot Act, no one need be given a hearing, trial, or have rights. We live in a nation where indefinite detention, torture, and forcing us to pay for murders, even our own, is the current reality.

Attorney scumbags like US Attorney General Eric Holder and Barack Obama are thinking of any dirty trick they can to end the 2nd Amendment and most of the rest of the US Constitution. Former New York State US Attorney Michael Chertoff is a dual citizen of the US, and Israel. He became head of the DHS, placed big, multi-billion dollar contracts with corporations, then went to work for those companies in the private sector, illegally pocketing millions. These scumbags were called on the carpet September 10, 2001, on the stolen 2.3 trillion dollar Pentagon stolen taxpayer funds with Donald Rumsfeld making excuses. What is Hillary Clinton's body count as an alleged CIA cocaine trafficker, queenpin?

The lawyer lobby is responsible for the break up of the family, small business failures, making self-employment a crime, helping end Free Speech, feeling safe and secure in one's home or effects, and has been instrumental in dismantling the US Constitution and making the US a virtual ATM of cash, assets, property, resources, and energy of the world's most elite.

What is going to stop the elites from sending the excess lawyers to camp when they are no longer minions of use?

When US Veterans and Police have their retirement, savings, property, and sum total of their life's work, and they are no longer of use, will they have already been given a vaccine for a slow painful demise by their former international masters, the elites?

Draw a line from where America has been, to where it is headed. Do you get the picture?


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What history is not widely known, can easily be repeated. Too many complacent people have allowed themselves to be ripped off and stripped of their rights. Silence signifies acceptance. Image was [found here].


The below song is now over 52 years old ...

The billionaires, international bankers, and corporate organized crime wanted to have autonomous killer drones and robots with laser and microwave weapons, silent and deadly, and kill us out of our range of sight ... for less than a dollar a pop ... they have these now ...

When the corporate stealth occupation of America goes hot, there will be a higher tech version of this:

Time has come today ...


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