Saturday, March 21, 2015

Does Hillary Clinton advocate US DHS/FEMA Re-Education Camps?

Hillary Clinton as Wizard of Oz Witch image [stolen from here]. 

Are code words for FEMA Camps, "Love Camps" or "Fun Camps"?

Hillary Clinton went to the UN, and spoke, looking for support after her latest crime wave and self-inflicted scandal with her deleting 31,000, or so, emails that should be a matter of official records. Did she sell off US sovereignty to foreign powers, commit treason, and/or enrich herself through Clinton Foundation secret donations from enemies of average Americans?

Should Hillary Clinton, former first lady, and US State Department Secretary, be arrested, fingerprints taken, mugshot taken, placed in county jail lockup, and await trial for treason, crimes against humanity, conspiracy, murder-for-hire, cocaine trafficking, obstruction of justice, destroying and fabricating evidence, tampering with evidence, and other crimes?

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Hillary Clinton video from below, [direct link].

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