Thursday, April 02, 2015

Billionaire Bastard Playing Cards?

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Former New York City Mayor and Billionaire Bastard Michael Bloomberg, gun grabber, 2nd Amendment hater, US Constitution hater, and little person abuser photo with story [found here]. 

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Should the NDAA and especially the US Patriot Act be repealed? I ask my Vermont US Congressman Peter Welch that question, click above link.

Should decks of cards be produced for the public where billionaire bastards and their minions are exposed on a deck of cards so the public knows who the real players in the world domination game are? This is a shout out to Alex Jones, infowars, and others to pick up the ball if these cards are not already out on the market.

I talk about George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, State of Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers, but I didn't talk about former New York City Mayor, and billionaire bastard, Michael Bloomberg. If you don't know who he is, word search his name. He is absolute scum of the earth and he wants to tell all what to do as he and his friends get richer ...

Michael Moore should also get prime real estate in the deck of cards.

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

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I posted the below comment to the liveleak embedded version of the below video:

Voted. I have no problem with the Russian, or any other people. I do have issues with Obama and his billionaire, international banker, and corporate organized crime handlers. Billionaires fund psy-ops where citizens or operatives are incensed to kill police so there is mass chaos. Looks like the billionaires want a nuclear war for their UN Agenda 21 population reduction program and for their total takeover. Let's drop a turd in their punchbowl. Excellent post. I expound:

P.S. I wrote my Vermont US Congressman Peter Welch to support legislation to erase the US Patriot Act and NDAA:

Will embed your video in first link post.

Moscow Should Nuke Yellowstone As Yemen Consulate Damaged By Airstrike ?!?

Text with video:

Earlier this week, the Russian president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems outlined two geophysically weak US regions to attack in order to combat NATO's aggression toward Russia.

In his article, Konstantin Sivkov justifies the option of "complete destruction of the enemy" because NATO has been "moving to the borders or Russia."

Sivkov, listed as a "Doctor of Military Sciences," described scenarios that involved dropping a nuclear weapon near Yellowstone's supervolcano or the San Andreas Fault.


Yemen Consulate Hit By Airstrike?

Russia To Go Nuclear Over Crimea?

100 Russian Units Created In Crimea

No Deal As Iran Talks Pass Deadline!

Iran Mil Option Will Remain On Table?!

Airstrikes Continue Against ISIS In Syria

Blackjack Iran / Syria / China Bomb Slide

Conspiracy Theorists Right On Markets?!

Investors Fly Away From US Stock Funds!

Chechnya To Arm Mexico To Take On US

Special Forces To Swarm Southwest US!

Americans Ill-Informed And Do Not Care?

Congressmen Speak On 9/11 Cover-Up!

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