Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Secular Humanism" - Billionaires, Corporate Organized Crime, and Bankers - No fear of Retribution

I did a word search on "degenerate art corporate satan" and [found this], a possibly unrelated subject and artistic expression.

Even if you don't believe in traditional religion, if you believe that you have a soul, there is transcendence to a higher awareness, there is a soul in a human or other being, and if there is an accounting for your actions while in a state of being, you care about the future, others of your creed, and want to leave better behind after your transcendence or death, you are not a biological robot.

[This] is the website for Secular Humanism.

International bankers, corporate organized crime, and billionaires fear no repercussions for their selfish actions and crimes against humanity. I believe humans have souls. There are those who lack souls and do not feel compassion for others. I call those people biological robots. My father, a retired executive at Monsanto, is one. These "people" take pleasure in the emotional and physical pain of others. Children are products, and sources, for pleasure and revenue. [Infragard] is just one secretive, elitist group, that many elite biological robots belong to.

What is it like to be the first born son of a Monsanto Executive whose eyes were opened by family farmer grandfather from age four about banks, corporations, and world evil elite? [The spurned child syndrome].

International corporations want to grow, eliminate competition, take more of the market, and take control of governments, land, resources, live, the earth, and anything which can be taken by any means. Satan is the international corporation. There is no conscience. There is no fear of any accounting of actions.

Every fiber of a human caring, family, independence, liberty, free speech, and movement is direct opposition to the Corporate Satan.

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Former NSA Head Exposes Agency's True Crimes

Text with video:

Published on Apr 30, 2015
William Binney, a legendary NSA mathematician developed the revolutionary logic and architecture that is now used to spy on everybody in the world. When the NSA decided to use his programs on US citizens he became one of the biggest whistleblowers in the history of the NSA. He started the debate and the avalanche of understanding in regards to illegal surveillance, and is revealing inside knowledge on some of the biggest government secrets to date.



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Added May 3, 2015:

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Blogger tmcfall said...

Just wanted you to know how much i appreciate this blog and I always post them to my FB page with due credit given.
the mad irishman in tempe az

Friday, May 01, 2015 10:52:00 AM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Thank you and thanks for stopping by.
-the SRV.

Friday, May 01, 2015 7:49:00 PM  

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