Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The 2nd American Revolution begins in the State of Connecticut?

Image [found here] after word search. Can't vouch for website advertised as I have not checked it out.

The Chief Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers in the State of Connecticut is a very polarizing figure. She represents the worst of the worst in her defending the elitist supremacy of billionaires, international bankers, corporate organized crime, and the hidden American Aristocracy.

The Connecticut Judiciary Committee is made up of mostly lawyers who legislate for more money and power for judges, lawyers, and prosecutors which has become the downfall of America, possibly the death of freedom and liberty, worldwide.  The Judiciary Committee did what they could an either unanimously, or almost so, paved the path for another 8 year term for Chase T. Rogers.

From my sources, the House vote in Connecticut, may have shot down Rogers' renomination. Billboards protesting Rogers were posted on both sides going into Hartford. Lawyers were asked to recuse themselves if they make money in the court system and not vote on the Rogers issue. There were then not enough votes to move the process forward for Rogers to continue on as Chief Justice.

Legislators were threatened with lawsuits and audits to see where "their" money really came from. The lawyer legislators then scattered like roaches. 

Hooray for political activism and those adamant to forward judicial reform. There still might be a hint of a US Constitution, even in Connecticut.

Citizens are sick of police, the IRS, the court system, the government just seizing cash, property, bank accounts, children from good parents, using the US Constitution as toilet paper.

Who else would vote for stuff like the so-called Monsanto Protection Act where international corporate and banking criminals are immune from criminal prosecution and civil liability in courts.

The MISSING Original 13th Amendment - The Real Evidence Part 1

Who really won the War of 1812. Was it America or the Rothchilds and World's Elite? Why did part of the 13th Amendment mysteriously disappear from the US Library of Congress when the British were sacking Washington DC, burning down all they could during their occupation of DC? With the 13th Amendment intact lawyers could not serve as elected officials unless they want to risk their US Citizenship to be stripped. Did an international judge and lawyer conspiracy sell all Americans out as a deal with international bankers in the aftermath of the War of 1812?

Should the current conspirators in the  "legal profession" be brought to justice and/or tried for treason?


Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

That is interesting about the original thirteenth amendment. How did Congress ever get to enact it in the first place? Surely, the lawyers in Congress could have stopped it?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 8:16:00 AM  

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