Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Crisis of Insiders running US Courts

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Do we the people get representation for our taxation?

The photo above was found here in a Hartford Courant story about the controversy that is Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers. New Haven Register story on Chase T. Rogers getting nominated to State of Connecticut Chief Justice for another 8 years by the Judiciary Committee [is found here].

Scrolling text with below video:

US Crisis- Courts run by Psychopath Insiders

State of Connecticut Chief Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers

Aka “Madam of the CT Judicial Branch Whorehouse”

Check links with video or word search Stark Raving Viking and look for 4-12-2015 post date

Predatory Policing Revenue Collection Courts Property Confiscation Family Break Up

Targeting of individuals on International Police Union (and SEIU) blacklist

The outspoken, farmers, concealed carry pistol permit holders, gun owners, Constitutionalists, and the self-employed are targets for Connecticut State Police-like “Nigger Treatment”

“Nigger Treatment” is official terrorization of a citizen and scorching the earth below the target’s feet

Ruin reputation, break up romantic relationships, estrange parents from kids, loss of home, job, and friends

Police hire their informants to beat up, murder, rape, stab, or set up target for prison

This hurts the economy, American Family, and the Future of the US as a “Free Country”

This does not foster faith in policing, courts, and government

Chase T. Rogers is an enabler of tyrants, tyranny, and the secret UN Agenda 21 plans of Billionaires

Lawyer Legislators legislate more revenue for lawyers and the state at your expense

Don’t Vote for Lawyers ... Ever!

Incumbent insiders are the Downfall of the US. They don’t represent you.

Advocate the Auditing and Jailing of Judges

Judges like Chase T. Rogers are unabashed propagandists for NWO

Blame lawyers, judges, billionaire, bankers, whore legislators, and Dons of international corporate organized crime for your plight

US Justice itself is a Crime

I, Steven G. Erickson, know all about this. Word search my name.

Police tried to recruit me to be an officer or operative for them pre-9/11. I was so disgusted with their agenda I declined, and got MOUTHY.

Stafford Springs Connecticut Police Officer Fat Frank Prochaska told me he was going to ruin my relationship with my Father, take my wife away from me, and have all officers give me the “Nigger Treatment”, through International Police Union Rep and Legislative Liaison Steve Spellman.

If you live in the US, we live in the same country. Is all this okay with you? If not get vocal, get active, do not sit this one out on your butt.

stevengerickson at

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