Saturday, May 09, 2015

Are Chain Hotels helping Police Spy on You?

This [Activist Post] breaks it down.

I don't fly, have been harassed by a bus driver with a TSA badge for being in Connecticut on his bus on the way to New York City, and have been denied hotel and motel rooms for being on a list.

Recently I have been having trouble being on the internet. My word programs are jacked. I type something, it highlights in blue, and then everything disappears. The computer will crash and lock up. If I restore the computer to factory settings, then reload all software, and hour or two on the internet and my computer is then jacked again. I use another computer that works fine, then an hour, or two, later, it does not.

My grammar, spelling, and being relaxed can sometimes be challenged due to the constant jacking, and even of covert hacking of my computer so it will no longer work. It has cost me 10's of thousands of dollars since the 1990's, just in wrecked computers. 

I put up a post on timed release, worrying about my trip down into Connecticut and what may happen to me [if the Connecticut State Police have time to plan], and it came up and automatically posted. I am back safe in my Vermont and New Hampshire political asylum. 

I depend on being online to work. So, some entity jacking my computer and phone is an attack on my ability to earn a living. I just getting very sick of this daily B.S.

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