Thursday, June 18, 2015

Information to help make your boat stealth electric

The first really successful submarines used diesel engines to charge battery packs that ran electric motors. The old standby for modern trains is diesel/electric. Running a motor most efficiently, or not at all, to charge batteries, means fuel is not being burned all the time, and you can still get mobility or propulsion out of electric motors.

How far can you get on a bank of batteries? How little fuel can you use to get the maximum distance? With modern America being what it is, how far can you get out, and away, out on the water, with the maximum bang for the buck?

Do elected officials have less than a single digit percent approval rating? Should we call elections, "International Corporate/Banker Auctions", not elections? 

Here's a video you may find useful:

Why be thinking about the above?

Well ... then ... some of us have this on our minds:

I have issues with the FBI using tax dollars to fund a White Supremacist radio host to cause racial strive and violence. Why hasn't Hal Turner not got massive attention? Story:


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