Thursday, July 30, 2015

Child Abuse, Wife Beating, and Monsanto

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Monsanto torture a toddler day [post]. My video favorites and uploads are [found here].

Child abuse isn't a cartoon.

There are real world repercussions.

Many in the corporate world work for the actual devil. Corporations are without morals and grow, and grow, and grow, and eliminate competition.

If the government is in the way, they either buy it, take it over, or overthrow it. If police are in the way, they establish an international police union. If the courts are in the way they bribe the judges and use the international secret organizations of lawyers to pull the strings.

If you complain about the stealth corporate takeover of everything, you must be crazy, and should not face trial and be locked up secretly, tortured, and then murdered right? Well, Obama signed that legislation during a past holiday season assuming you weren't paying attention. 

GMO need not now be labelled. Orwellian label for just passed legislation means it is illegal for states to require that GMO be labeled. Big Pharma can now dump their dangerous vaccines right in your food without a label.

In the 1960's probably to the present, Monsanto executives and other international criminals corporated (my new word for cooperate) with politicians, while they abused their kids, beat their wives, and sold out all of humanity.

Does the TPP, CISA, NDAA, Freedom Act, Patriot Act, the EU, and all the bailouts using our tax dollars to reward the biggest criminals in the history of the world for the biggest crimes in the history of the world ring a bell for you?

Definition of Monsant-az-hole spelled like you might think. Well, for answer, click on link above.


Link for below video:

Ron Paul on World War Lies, Death-Based Economies & Bailout Buffoonery

Hitler would make it nice for people [Direct Link]

1 Ton, 9 Foot Satanic Monument: NWO Trojan Horse [Link to video]

Is This The Beginning of the End of Planned Parenthood - Infowars Nightly News - 07/29/2015 [Link to video]

Monday, July 27, 2015

Elderly Subversives hang out for Cheap Coffee at McDonald's

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There are fewer places that aren't corporate to have coffee and breakfast in the morning. Who can now afford it anyway?

What is truly amazing is the 70 to almost 100 year olds who hang out at McDonald's for cheap coffee and refills. I hate McDonalds and all corporate tyranny, but when I hear of an exceptional crowd of seniors, I'm there for coffee. You get history, and these seniors want to go out and fight, even if it means being out of breath in a couple of steps and if they have to use their walkers. The rest of us are pathetic in comparison. Do you even know what your rights are? Do you know what the Magna Carta of 1615 is?

The family, owning land, having non one world government thinking, free speech, rights, and having national sovereignty is quickly becoming past tense. Your less than 1 second attention span is at fault. You let them poison your mind, and your body, you are getting what you deserve.

I don't agree with anyone 100%, most less that 50%, and that is if I like you ...

Adam Kokesh appearing in Hartford, Connecticut, gets really good about 15 minutes in the below video. I heard he was going to appear at Burger King after the fact, but people are drinking beer and that is not served at Burger King. [The Source] of Adam's video and my video favorites and uploads are [found here].

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Did Radiation From Fukushima Create These Mutant Daisies?

By Jake Anderson

In March 2011, a devastating tsunami struck Japan, causing a meltdown in three of Fukushima’s nuclear reactors. Though it’s generally regarded as the most alarming and destructive nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, mainstream scientists consistently downplay the risk of radiation from the reactors. Meanwhile, troubling mutations and anomalies in the local ecosystem continue to surface.

The latest visual evidence—photographs of mutated daisies going viral on the Web—suggests residual damage that may or may not extend beyond the immediate area. Four years after the disaster, we can now add deformed plant life to the growing list of ecosystem damage.


Alex Jones of Infowars is claiming Obama will act outside of law to confiscate guns from US citizens:

[Video source]

Luke Rudkowski Interview: G7, Bilderberg & Bloomberg @ PorcFest XII 2015

[Video source]. Text with video:

Published on Jul 23, 2015
It's rare for Luke Rudkowski to be in any one place for very long, so this feature interview is rare on it's own - but its contents are also priceless. Herein Luke describes how he got started as an independent investigative journalist, why he carries a camera every day, and how he was one of the only individuals to get inside the Bilderberg meeting in Austria after covering the G7. As a finale, Luke describes how Mike Bloomberg had him arrested to avoid embarrassment and closes with a description of his Change Media University program for those who would like to know more. @LukeWeAreChange

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What are we the people in for with the TPP? Is CISA, NDAA, the Patriot Act, the Freedom Act etc. good for you?
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The I-Clam 30' sailboat is equipped with full video and audio, FYI

The Stark Raving Viking has taken up sailing. If you see the I-Clam on the back of the 30' sailboat, expect that I am doing video and audio interviews near Boston Harbor Massachusetts. FYI

GIF image above was stolen [from here].

My video favorites and video uploads to be posted [here].

Sunday, July 19, 2015

International Elite occupied US Government "workings" and doublespeak exposed

The below video explains much of what is wrong in the US, and all over. Do we really need the UN here in the US?

Text with below video:

Published on Jul 7, 2015
Jesse Ventura: 5 Most Corrupt Bills Passed by Congress With Jennifer Briney | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV

Message Jesse at

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Jennifer Briney, host of the “Congressional Dish” podcast, goes Off the Grid with Jesse Ventura. Jennifer has read over 245 U.S. Congressional bills in the past two years alone and you won’t believe the things she says Congress is trying to hide. Tune in for her list of the five most corrupt bills recently passed by Congress. Vigilant Viewers, your votes matter more than you think! Are you going to participate in every election from here on out? Let us know! Sound off at

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Jesse Ventura: 5 Most Corrupt Bills Passed by Congress With Jennifer Briney | Off The Grid - Ora TV

TPP and what you should know

Ventura: They May Lock Down America

The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 163 07/20/2015

Text with video:

Published on Jul 20, 2015
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Thursday, July 09, 2015

What does it mean when lower ranking officers word search a douche bag higher ranking police officer?

What does it mean when lower ranking officers word search a douche bag higher ranking police officer?

Well then, you have [this].

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