Monday, July 27, 2015

Elderly Subversives hang out for Cheap Coffee at McDonald's

Image stolen from here

There are fewer places that aren't corporate to have coffee and breakfast in the morning. Who can now afford it anyway?

What is truly amazing is the 70 to almost 100 year olds who hang out at McDonald's for cheap coffee and refills. I hate McDonalds and all corporate tyranny, but when I hear of an exceptional crowd of seniors, I'm there for coffee. You get history, and these seniors want to go out and fight, even if it means being out of breath in a couple of steps and if they have to use their walkers. The rest of us are pathetic in comparison. Do you even know what your rights are? Do you know what the Magna Carta of 1615 is?

The family, owning land, having non one world government thinking, free speech, rights, and having national sovereignty is quickly becoming past tense. Your less than 1 second attention span is at fault. You let them poison your mind, and your body, you are getting what you deserve.

I don't agree with anyone 100%, most less that 50%, and that is if I like you ...

Adam Kokesh appearing in Hartford, Connecticut, gets really good about 15 minutes in the below video. I heard he was going to appear at Burger King after the fact, but people are drinking beer and that is not served at Burger King. [The Source] of Adam's video and my video favorites and uploads are [found here].


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