Sunday, August 09, 2015

I had a dream ... Billionaires splatted on Mt. Rushmore using a Catapult

Mt. Rushmore picture was found here

It is okay to think it, it is okay to dream it, but it is not okay to actually do it if it is illegal.

I had a dream ...

I somehow came into a lot of money. I was able to design and build an extremely large catapult. I then, was able to have billionaires put in a pigs' pen with actual farmers' pigs ... the ones (billionaires) who think we are useless eaters who need to be further dumbed down, rounded up, sterilized, indefinitely detained, and horrifically murdered. I then could line them up and put them as ammunition for their final cradle on a catapult to go splat on Mt. Rushmore.

Billionaires offer us "choices" to elect for positions.

Some billionaires are so arrogant they run for "office".

[This post] says most of why I may have dreamed this.

My video favorites and uploads are [found here].


Donald Trump can say things we want to hear. He is not as bad as the cretins who have not been prosecuted as felons, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, who are "choices" of the American people for US President, but how stupid collectively are we the people?

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Donald Trump: Scott Walker Has 'a Lot of Problems'

Text with video:

Published on Jun 17, 2015
Jun 17 -- In a wide-ranging interview with Bloomberg Politics, Donald Trump, the GOP's newest presidential candidate, opens up about his insecurities, Republican rivals, and his tiff with Club for Growth. He speaks on "With All Due Respect.


Text with video:

Published on Aug 9, 2015
Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly a soap opera of the GOP debate As the World Burns. Trump quote “Blood coming out of her wherever” taken out of context and turned into Trump being mysogenistic.


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