Tuesday, August 25, 2015

If Government is Good it gets Less Money, if Bad, More Money

Rand Paul image was stolen from here

If you can be put on a list for indefinite detention, torture, and being hauled away to be killed in America for just having a Ron Paul for President bumper sticker on your car, and if so, maybe the son of Ron Paul should get a look. How much can the international banker stealth occupation of America, and most of the world, have to suck for more of us to opt out, or just fight back to our last breath? 

Video of Rand Paul posted a week ago [here, direct link]

* * * *

This blogger saw New Jersey Governor in person. Yes, Chris Christie is overweight. As a person, as a father, as a husband, as a neighbor, Chris Christie is probably beyond a great guy. But, from what I heard him say over two hours on August 24th of this year in Salem, New Hampshire, USA, I literally had nightmares after going to bed after he spoke, for almost all he had to say, as I know what he really means. I know the code.

If you look for videos posted around this date [here on LiveLeak.com] you'll know what I mean. 


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