Monday, August 24, 2015

NSA Whistle Blower tells of Organized Criminal Activity of Occupation Government

The US Constitution is the rules that the US Government is supposed to abide by. If these "leaders" aren't following our most basic rules for governing us, they are a predatory, criminal occupation. Being spied on 24/7, torture, indefinite detention, being denied the right of trial, and state sponsored murder and terrorism is not benefiting us, it is benefiting lawyers, international corporate criminals, bankers - the world's most elite. 

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Published on Aug 24, 2015
NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake takes your questions on Twitter about the current Orwellian surveillance state and how Hillary is getting away with breaking every security law in the country.

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NSA Whistleblower Shatters Wall Of Govt Secrecy Wide Open

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The international corporate/banker/organized crime cabal has declared war on small business, the self-employed, farmers, ranchers, the outspoken, and the self-sufficient. Operation Choke Point:


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