Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Apples on Mars - The Repub Debate Tonight

Photo where I did an image search for keywords, "apples on 9/11 dust," not in quotes [was found here]. 

I don't have cable. But, I took a walk to have steak, a beer, a salad, and some blended scotch as my single malt was not available. A Republican Debate was going on live on CNN. I caught almost all of it. These people are out of touch.

Some of Chris Christie's people were there, tweeting out live. I talked to a 28 year old, I believe his name is, "Matt." It is amazing the history the 20-somethings don't know. I told Matt that America does not want a Republican who is for more war, more police state, more domestic spying, and more corporate/international banker abuse where our tax dollars are hijacked.

[This is video] I shot of Chris Christie.

I told Matt [this is the America that I see] and told him about having [shot this video].

I can't say it better than David Knight does and the the video below was [found here].


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