Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DARPA Sexbots to make Robot Pedophilia Legal?

Picture is not of cyborg sexbot alter boys and is an altered picture of actual alter boys (sorry). 

It is amazing how far science has gone.

A human ear can be grown on the back of an animal and then transplanted on a human. Spider DNA can be mixed with that of a goat. Alter the DNA of a human with that of a pig, or another animal, and then the result does not human rights and can be exploited for blood, brain cells, organs, and other biological and medical products. Planned Parenthood is out to sell parted out babies and fetuses. A robot with real skin, hair, a circular system, or a manufactured frame to look like a little boy, or girl, can cry, beg, appear to be injured, bleed, and interact for the sick pleasures of an actual pedophile.

As far as I know there is no prosecution for raping, sexually assaulting, and/or torturing and humiliating robots. Theme parks where the killing of robots who appear to be human might become popular.

White male cops could get artificial 14 year old girls to pretend to railroad on probation, get hooked on drugs and alcohol, be used sexually, and then prostituted out without so much harm being done to society.

White male judges could get artificial 5 year olds to totally play God with, pleading for their lives, and their might be fewer judges pleasuring themselves under the bench in court as they cause so much harm to society.

We're not too far off from artificial beings being more desirable, affordable, and to our most tailored wants and fetishes. You can pick height, weight, hair color, genital and anal specifications, and type of behavior to order. Homosexuals who like to be beaten and forced to perform sex acts, beaten on, tortured, sodomized, and/or raped can get their deepest, darkest wishes come true too. 

When, and if, you start seeing artificial children for sale for use as sexual partners, the NWO has gone too far and there is no going back. What is actually being done in labs and out in the real world would shock you, extraordinarily so ...

The time to weigh in on what international bankers and corporate pirates are doing to all governments and all people all over the world should get you out of your seat and into action. So, why are you still sitting in your seat?

The 3rd World is being flooded into almost all 1st World Countries so that a problem can be created where we all fight amongst ourselves, not against the elite stealth occupation, and then the less of 1/10 of 1% who have caused all the problems can then offer a solution.

The UN Agenda 21 perversion of all society, morals, and the elimination of fertility, child birth, and the family is fully underway.

Enjoy TPP, CISA, NDAA, World Government, your internal passport your chipped driver's license, Patriot Act 1 and 2, open borders, and the Globalist agenda of your being taxed to breathe, drive by the mile or kilometer and to be slowly poisoned by Monsanto GMO, dirty vaccines, and forced Big Pharma chipped medications.

Enron wanted us all taxed by the mile, smart meters, and all appliances to spy on us. Enron and Worldcom white collar criminals were not punished because of 9/11, the evidence for their trials and investigations was allegedly in Building 7 which collapsed due to wastebasket fires.

[Enron Scandal, Wikipedia Listing]

[Meet the Clintons and understand their CIA cocaine trafficking and money laundering legacy]

[my video uploads and favorites, found here]

Actual Robot advances are probably 30 to 50 years more advanced than shown:

Video, below, is 3 years old. Do you think you can outrun the actual robot designed to hide, chase down, and selectively kill humans?


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