Sunday, September 06, 2015

The real plague, the Spread of Corporate Governance

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My paternal grandfather had a farm near Fargo, North Dakota pretty much all of his adult life. He broke down what was going to happen in the future. It all happened. He broke it down for me from the early 1970's taking me out for pickup rides around the farm.

My father was a Monsanto executive and my first real memory of him was his bursting into my bedroom, waking me up, hitting me, choking me out because I have asthma and my mother had paid attention to me, not him, that day. I was probably 3 years old ...

I was awake to the corporate/international banker evil that has infected the entire world.

Post on Corporate Governance from the Propaganda Pre$$ Monitor is [found here].

Wikipedia post on the Hundredth Monkey Effect is [found here].

This blogger's video favorites and personal uploads are [found here].


Alex Jones is almost exactly 10 years older than I am. If you saw us side by side, you might think that he is older than me. He is steeped in the corporate/international banker abuse of us all almost all his waking hours without a break.


The direct link to below video [click here].

TOTAL EMERGENCY ALERT Update: Global Meltdown Begins

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I received my Hillary for Prison 2016 tee shirt from after shopping [here].

Will Hillary Clinton Be Prosecuted Over Email Scandal?

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3rd World USA example, Revere Beach, Mass [Video source, click here]

I answered a comment made to the video with this response:

I sell construction services in these neighborhoods. They are given housing where they own the houses for nothing, $50, $250, or more for housing. They then can take home equity loans to buy new high end BMW or Mercedes SUVs, big screen televisions, and it is one big bonanza. When I owned rental properties in Stafford Springs Connecticut and built up a contracting business over 2 decades, State Police told me that I was a target for being self-employed and "mouthy". So they said it was their job to break up my marriage, estrange me from my only daughter, to make me lose my home and rental properties and railroad me to prison. They did. Now salt is going in the wound seeing what I see on this beach.


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[Click here] for:

"Secular Humanism" - Billionaires, Corporate Organized Crime, and Bankers - No fear of Retribution



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will the last white person to leave the USA please turn light switch off?

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