Saturday, October 31, 2015

Budget Deal Includes $59 Billion Dollar Pentagon Slush Fund

How many billions of our US tax dollars are being diverted for international criminal use of the Pentagon, international elite, bankers, and corporate organized crime?

The National Priorities Project's Lindsay Koshgarian discusses the socially beneficial investment that could come from reallocating the billions otherwise given to the Pentagon. [Click here for awesome Real News Network video where Lindsay breaks it down].
Lindsay Koshgarian’s research interests include education and workforce spending, social insurance and entitlement spending, debt and deficits, and tax policy and revenue generation. Lindsay comes to NPP from the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute, where she led economic studies on workforce and education, housing markets and affordable housing, and federal and state spending initiatives, including Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security spending in New England.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from UCLA. [Her webpage]


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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cellphone disabled for taking this picture of light on a pole?

Steven G. Erickson took this photo around 5 PM yesterday with a smart phone. Click image to make larger.

After taking the above photo, communication with the phone no longer worked. 4G still can't be achieved and there is very limited functionality of the phone now.

My debit card no longer works as well. My computer crashed. 

When news of the police unlimited use of stingray type spy devices to trick your cellphone into connecting to the spy devices police have to do a search on your private information without a warrant. I saw what I thought of were stingray devices that were being put up and whomever was putting them up was almost finished with putting them up.

I made a comment that I would be back with my pro camera the next day to do a story on these. I was just walking under these poles about a year ago. Those devices were then gone the very next day. Someone worked all night just to remove all of them for what I believe was my going to do a video on them.

There has been constant updating and changing of lights and devices on these poles, so when these latest lights were put up, LED type, I became interested. So, taking pictures of surveillance lights can disable the functionality of your phone.

Some people are dependent on their phones to make a living. So, police or some other government entity are out to attack my ability to fund my operation, me.

I first learned about police spying on citizens when I lived in Stafford Springs, Connecticut in the mid 1990s. A Police Officer let me know that he was listening to all of my phone calls and internet use by mocking me with I said on the phone and typed on my computer. The officer was infatuated with my wife. The officer said he was taller than me, made more money, and since his family came from Poland and my wife is Lithuanian, I had the wrong ancestry to be with my wife.

This officer began telling me I was kicked out of Connecticut, that I would be killed, beaten, or go to prison for the rest of my life if I didn't leave Connecticut and then keep my mouth shut, but my wife could stay. Complaining about one police officer is complaining about all officers is what then Connecticut State Police Sgt. of Troop C, Tolland Connecticut told me.

I typed emails to my state representative in the 1990s. After just a few emails my $2200 computer that I had recently bought never worked again. I then borrowed my tenant's computer, her new $2000 computer then no longer worked and never worked correctly after being repaired, just for sending emails to elected officials. The international police union can decide if a citizen is to be targeted, beat up, set up for arrest and prison, and/or to be murdered by police operatives or confidential informants.

Police destroyed my business, terrorized me out of my home, estranged me from my daughter, railroaded me to prison, and destroyed the ground under my feet as they had promised. Police track who you are going to vote for and what you have for them to take for themselves.

I now have extreme  motivation not to want to not carry yet another tracking device to be abused by, a chipped driver's license.

Back in the 1990's I started talking to residents of Stafford who didn't want to pay higher property taxes, they called themselves the "Tea Party" and were considering a protest of dumping tea in Staffordville Lake. I was told by police that if I talked to these tax rebels, or voted to reduce property taxes I couldn't be beaten up and/or arrested. I was also told that if I didn't do as police told me, I would be permanently estranged from my daughter.

Police kept their promise of retaliation. I have been permanently estranged from my only child, a daughter, since police ruined my contracting business, and committer perjury so I would be railroaded to prison.

The 24/7 surveillance is not for your security. It is for the security of the International Police Union and the international elite goon criminals who puppet our government. The UN is their tool. World government is tyranny. TPP might be the end of freedom, permanently. The NDAA, CISA, Patriot Acts One and Two, the Freedom Act etc. is just evidence of the tyranny. It is right in our faces. Since when is torture legal?

When you do not have national sovereignty and are being spied on 24/7, you are merely a prisoner out in the open air. "You own nothing and you have no rights," is something police have been telling me since the mid 1990's.

After the Oklahoma City Bombing, police got federal tax dollars to break laws to go after militia. Since there was no real militia, police set up their own to then go after citizens. That still wasn't enough, police then started targeting small business owners, the self-employed, gun owners, guys who had wives or girlfriends officers wanted, and/or the outspoken and potential leaders when the US Constitution was made null and void.

24/7 surveillance has not made me safer. It has ruined every aspect of my life. It has torn away all my core beliefs. It has fostered fear, not respect. Real terrorists are those funded by international bankers and corporate organized crime. We are being spied on 24/7 because the bankers don't want us to remove them from their positions of total domination.

Silence signifies acceptance. 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You can't talk about corporate fight club.

Image from the "Fight Club" movie was stolen from [here]. 

What are criminals in the UN up to? Who do they really work for? Is an international "one" government a good idea? Should the richest in the world control all land, all rights, population numbers, and the sum total of the world's gross economic product? Well, we the people seem to have our heads in the sand. 24/7 surveillance worldwide and anything goes for international bankers and corporations seems to the the rule, not the exception.

Have you word searched "The Gulf of Tonkin"?

Monsanto, and other chemical companies, could have US taxpayers pay for millions of tons of chemicals to be sprayed in Vietnam if there was a war. CIA, made up of the sons of bankers, corporate pirates, and international organized crime, could sell all the cocaine and heroin that could be flown, shipped, and carried all over the world. They then could rip humanity off even more with a "Drug War". Use the UN's product, and you get arrested. Make billions, or trillions, smuggling the UN product of wars and drugs ... you are in charge and own everything, including organs which haven't been harvested yet. Babies are just another commodity of the UN for harvesting.

I hung out with World War I veterans when I was young. They said that the rebellion in the 1960s was for pussies. That was about hedonism, drugs, sex, and selfishness. In World War I, the veterans saw the lies, experienced the lies, had their money value confiscated (gold), and when they challenged the government to honor their promises, the World War I veterans were cut down in the streets for wanting the pay they were promised, and owed.

A World War I veteran told me, "Hollywood, the news, the government is all lies. It is about ripping you off and convincing you that you should help them (the government) rip you off and rip everyone else off, and then rat out anyone who complains."

World War I veterans could have been the most feared domestic terrorists ever. If international bankers and corporate pirates had something to fear, it was the World War I veterans. They could call "BS" on what was reported. They saw who was evil. They saw what they did. They were willing to expose the evil.

We now have the internet. Too bad World War I veterans didn't have full use of what is not the internet. We would never have had George W. Bush, or even a bigger turd, Barack Obama, as "Corporate takeover puppet leaders".

Full Show - Liberal Media Celebrates Drone Killing - 10/26/2015

Text with video:

Published on Oct 26, 2015
On this Monday, October 26 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we analyze the numerous crimes of Hillary Clinton on her 68th birthday, the latest Benghazi hearings and why Ron Paul said they're "too much, too late." We also look into how the IRS is using 'Stingray' cell phone surveillance gear to spy on conservative groups, how both the U.S. and the Saudis are increasing their support of ISIS in Syria for their proxy war against Russia and how Sweden is housing migrants in a ski resort while its citizens suffer a housing shortage. And Zoltan Istvan joins us in studio to break down the trans-humanist movement.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Killing People who expose Inconvenient Truth?

I had planned on doing a public access television show and/or documentary with Richard Murzin and AJ Fontaine in 2011. They told me they had evidence that the Connecticut Department of Children and Family Services DCF, the State Police, the Judicial Branch, DHS Department of Homeland Security, and Organized Crime were in bed together trafficking cocaine, heroin, and are involved in racketeering, money laundering, and other international crimes. Retired Hartford Connecticut Detective Richard Murzin and AJ Fontaine died with hours or a couple of days of each other, of "natural causes" soon after. They were supposed to meet with me, Steven G. Erickson.

I didn't have a cell phone, didn't have the alleged evidence that Murzin and Fontaine had, and I was not in Connecticut at the time of their deaths.

I have had too many close calls and I can only wear a feather in my cap so long. Various Connecticut State Police Troopers and the brass threatened me with a lifetime in prison, being beaten to a pulp, and taking my last ride in a cruiser truck in handcuffs with my teeth kicked out.

I was telling elected officials and newspaper reporters what the Connecticut State Police was up to with their federal money gotten after the Oklahoma City Bombing to go after supposed members of Militia by framing them, beating them up. breaking up their families, ruining them financially, slander, and even murder. Murzin told me that anything goes, cops in Connecticut can do drugs, manufacture evidence, just make shit up, destroy evidence, intimidate witnesses, take false statements, use police informants in police inspired crime sprees, murder for hire, drug trafficking, prostitution, child sex slavery, you name it.

Innocent citizens are railroaded to prison, have their property and assets confiscated, and insiders rake in the dough. Connecticut lawyers and judges are in on the action as well. Those who break ranks suffer severe retaliation.

Rolling Stone Report Michael Hastings knew too much and this happened to him:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I am a Conspiracy Therapist

Photo above [source].

For the little bit of comfort you are promised now by the international lying elite, are you selling out all future generations? 

As I get older, I consider my own comfort more, and more.

It took just two, or three, hours being slammed around in a boat on the ocean during a storm to wonder how those had it 3, 4, 5, or 6 months or more out on the ocean without a break had it before me. I felt ill for days just given a little dose of being out a ocean going boat for a few hours during a somewhat mild storm.

On land, I spend time around a campfire at least once a week with male friends and we don't drink, no one I know does drugs, and we just talk. It is amazing that they are only seemingly involved in their own situations, problems, and aren't even aware of the bigger picture. Many of my friends have come from a religious background and never have had a Monsanto corporate father stick lit cigars in their faces sometimes burning them.

I got my education for what is really out there, early. Communism, socialism, and dictatorships are certainly bad. International corporate and banker tyranny is equally bad, or worse.

I have female friends, but it is different. One on one, I just say what I think, no filter.  I was born into the world, naked. I am not afraid to express myself.

Most people don't care about anyone about themselves. Maybe if they see a little of the international abuse of all of us happening to them, then maybe they will be a little of a tidal wave that will help take a little of our freedom and liberty back from the international criminals who have stolen it from us and made us fund our own abuse.

More, and more, I am giving conspiracy therapy. Reality isn't what you are told by mainstream media or in most schools.

I talked repeatedly with a World War I veteran when I was in my teens. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am that old to talk about this now.

The World War I veteran told me that all that I am told, that is in the news, that I am taught in schools, and that the government who is owned outside the US is told to tell us, is lies. A World War I veteran who saw what really happened first hand, came back, read how it was reported, can legitimately call "BS" on what he knows to be BS.

Do you know the definition of "Gaslighting"? Here it is on Wikipedia:

The US taxpayers now pay for CIA propaganda and black operations inside the US. In South American countries, how did the United Fruit Company spread goodwill using the CIA?:

Citizens in  sovereign countries would not agree to have their borders erased and then pay all their savings, current labor earnings, and future to enrich international criminals who control banking and all corporate interactions. Silence signifies acceptance. Why are you silent?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hank Jr., Kid Rock, George Jones, Willie Nelson & others - Johnny Cash Tribute

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Matt Drudge shows up on Alex Jones' door, Austin, Texas

Image above of Rod Serling on the Twilight Zone television series was [found here]. 

Since Matt Drudge broke the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal, politicians, billionaires, bankers, and corporate organized crime has put Matt Drudge on the top of their secret enemies list.

If you want to know what is going on all over the US, internationally, and you don't want corporate/banker/CIA spin on it, check out drudge:

The below video [direct link].

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Matt Drudge Visits the Alex Jones Show: Full Interview

Text with video:

Published on Oct 6, 2015
In this bombshell interview Matt Drudge surprises the crew and Alex Jones breaking down the biggest stories with the incisive insight that only he can bring.

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Sunday, October 04, 2015

All Nations signed on to Global Socialism, UN Agenda 2030?

Did Obama sign onto this UN Agenda 2030 Treaty without Congress approval? Did Obama sign onto UN gun confiscation, house to house in the US? Check out 2nd video below from Lisa Havens. 

Before you dismiss anything in the below video, listen and get facts from other sources. The goals of the elites have long been published right in our faces but so few actually read it. Silence signifies acceptance.

There is a reason the 1st World is being flooded with the 3rd World. A problem is being created at our taxpayer expense, where the biggest criminals in the history of the world will then offer a solution to the problem they have created.

Say goodbye to Free Speech, honest reporting, an uncensored internet, representation for your taxation, property ownership, having rights, being able to defend yourself, reproduction rights, right to grow food have farm animals, and right to move around without an internal passport and permission of international authorities for you to travel. Welcome to Global Government.

You are taxed to breathe, taxed by the mile or kilometer, and you have no say and no rights.

Do you think citizens in individual countries would vote to eliminate their nation's sovereignty? If a body that is a shill, the UN, which is the mouthpiece for international corporations, bankers, billionaires, and the organized crime cabal of the world's less than 1/10 of 1%. [Video source]

Has all the strangeness worldwide sunk in? All average citizens have had everything ripped off and our owners have taken ownership of us all for eternity. The lie is that it is for our rights and well being when the very opposite is true. Do the research for yourself. Is being ruled by world tyrants okay with you? Is being taxed without representation okay with you?

It's here. Where are real news stories being announced about this?


Why are scientist being threatened with job loss and death for revealing what is going on? Why are birds falling out of the sky in massive numbers all at the same time? Why are honey bees disappearing? What is HAARP? Are unseen elites warring with us in ways that are almost inconceivable?  

If the corporate/banker occupiers of the US are stealing 100's of trillions of dollars, what are they spending some of their ill gotten gains on? Well, one of their pet project might be geoengineering. 2 hour long video that I can't vouch for breaks down the science [video embedded here].


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NWO Kicked Off! Pope & Obama Address the UN Assembly—Here’s The Real Message Behind Their Speech [Direct link to video]

Text with video:

Published on Sep 28, 2015

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Are Russia and China staging for War with US?

Russian President Vladimir Putin photo with story was [found here]. 

Putin looks like an actual leader. Barack Obama looks like, smell like, and is a CIA plant for the Federal Reserve, UN Agenda 21, and the international corporations, bankers, billionaires, and elite who profit from war and doing so much harm to all the rest of us, charging us world taxes to fund our own abuse. 

A huge target has been painted on US taxpayers. A huge percent have no clue.

The elite fund the problem, such as Al Qaeda or ISIS, then offer us a solution. They then make money hand over fist. How much did Monsanto make spraying millions of tons of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War? That is just one war profiteer.

[My videos uploads and favorites are found here].

Where there is injustice, stand up and be heard. Never give up. Never give in. To your last breath, do not give up even one inch to the tyrants. Get off your couch and do something. Silence signifies acceptance.

Alex Jones breaks down what few others are. Check out what he says which mirrors what I just said above, except Jones cites who, what, where, and why. [video source]

Text with video:

Published on Oct 1, 2015
On this Thursday, October 1 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into Sen. John McCain's plan to arm ISIS-linked Syrian rebels to shoot down Russian airplanes, which would likely spark World War 3. We also analyze the myth of "moderate" rebel groups because ISIS and ISIS-linked groups make up the vast majority of militants in Syria. Also, Joe Biggs is livestreaming from UT Austin where Second Amendment supporters are staging a counter-protest against a gun control group on campus. And geopolitical expert Joel Skousen explains what can plausibly happen next in Syria and why everyone should be paying attention.

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Idiocracy: Let's Arm ISIS To Fight Russia [Direct link to video]

Text with video:

Published on Oct 1, 2015
Sen. John McCain plans to arm ISIS-linked Syrian rebels to shoot down Russian airplanes, which would likely spark World War 3. We also analyze the myth of "moderate" rebel groups because ISIS and ISIS-linked groups make up the vast majority of militants in Syria.

Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family:

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