Sunday, October 04, 2015

All Nations signed on to Global Socialism, UN Agenda 2030?

Did Obama sign onto this UN Agenda 2030 Treaty without Congress approval? Did Obama sign onto UN gun confiscation, house to house in the US? Check out 2nd video below from Lisa Havens. 

Before you dismiss anything in the below video, listen and get facts from other sources. The goals of the elites have long been published right in our faces but so few actually read it. Silence signifies acceptance.

There is a reason the 1st World is being flooded with the 3rd World. A problem is being created at our taxpayer expense, where the biggest criminals in the history of the world will then offer a solution to the problem they have created.

Say goodbye to Free Speech, honest reporting, an uncensored internet, representation for your taxation, property ownership, having rights, being able to defend yourself, reproduction rights, right to grow food have farm animals, and right to move around without an internal passport and permission of international authorities for you to travel. Welcome to Global Government.

You are taxed to breathe, taxed by the mile or kilometer, and you have no say and no rights.

Do you think citizens in individual countries would vote to eliminate their nation's sovereignty? If a body that is a shill, the UN, which is the mouthpiece for international corporations, bankers, billionaires, and the organized crime cabal of the world's less than 1/10 of 1%. [Video source]

Has all the strangeness worldwide sunk in? All average citizens have had everything ripped off and our owners have taken ownership of us all for eternity. The lie is that it is for our rights and well being when the very opposite is true. Do the research for yourself. Is being ruled by world tyrants okay with you? Is being taxed without representation okay with you?

It's here. Where are real news stories being announced about this?


Why are scientist being threatened with job loss and death for revealing what is going on? Why are birds falling out of the sky in massive numbers all at the same time? Why are honey bees disappearing? What is HAARP? Are unseen elites warring with us in ways that are almost inconceivable?  

If the corporate/banker occupiers of the US are stealing 100's of trillions of dollars, what are they spending some of their ill gotten gains on? Well, one of their pet project might be geoengineering. 2 hour long video that I can't vouch for breaks down the science [video embedded here].


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NWO Kicked Off! Pope & Obama Address the UN Assembly—Here’s The Real Message Behind Their Speech [Direct link to video]

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Published on Sep 28, 2015


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