Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cellphone disabled for taking this picture of light on a pole?

Steven G. Erickson took this photo around 5 PM yesterday with a smart phone. Click image to make larger.

After taking the above photo, communication with the phone no longer worked. 4G still can't be achieved and there is very limited functionality of the phone now.

My debit card no longer works as well. My computer crashed. 

When news of the police unlimited use of stingray type spy devices to trick your cellphone into connecting to the spy devices police have to do a search on your private information without a warrant. I saw what I thought of were stingray devices that were being put up and whomever was putting them up was almost finished with putting them up.

I made a comment that I would be back with my pro camera the next day to do a story on these. I was just walking under these poles about a year ago. Those devices were then gone the very next day. Someone worked all night just to remove all of them for what I believe was my going to do a video on them.

There has been constant updating and changing of lights and devices on these poles, so when these latest lights were put up, LED type, I became interested. So, taking pictures of surveillance lights can disable the functionality of your phone.

Some people are dependent on their phones to make a living. So, police or some other government entity are out to attack my ability to fund my operation, me.

I first learned about police spying on citizens when I lived in Stafford Springs, Connecticut in the mid 1990s. A Police Officer let me know that he was listening to all of my phone calls and internet use by mocking me with I said on the phone and typed on my computer. The officer was infatuated with my wife. The officer said he was taller than me, made more money, and since his family came from Poland and my wife is Lithuanian, I had the wrong ancestry to be with my wife.

This officer began telling me I was kicked out of Connecticut, that I would be killed, beaten, or go to prison for the rest of my life if I didn't leave Connecticut and then keep my mouth shut, but my wife could stay. Complaining about one police officer is complaining about all officers is what then Connecticut State Police Sgt. of Troop C, Tolland Connecticut told me.

I typed emails to my state representative in the 1990s. After just a few emails my $2200 computer that I had recently bought never worked again. I then borrowed my tenant's computer, her new $2000 computer then no longer worked and never worked correctly after being repaired, just for sending emails to elected officials. The international police union can decide if a citizen is to be targeted, beat up, set up for arrest and prison, and/or to be murdered by police operatives or confidential informants.

Police destroyed my business, terrorized me out of my home, estranged me from my daughter, railroaded me to prison, and destroyed the ground under my feet as they had promised. Police track who you are going to vote for and what you have for them to take for themselves.

I now have extreme  motivation not to want to not carry yet another tracking device to be abused by, a chipped driver's license.

Back in the 1990's I started talking to residents of Stafford who didn't want to pay higher property taxes, they called themselves the "Tea Party" and were considering a protest of dumping tea in Staffordville Lake. I was told by police that if I talked to these tax rebels, or voted to reduce property taxes I couldn't be beaten up and/or arrested. I was also told that if I didn't do as police told me, I would be permanently estranged from my daughter.

Police kept their promise of retaliation. I have been permanently estranged from my only child, a daughter, since police ruined my contracting business, and committer perjury so I would be railroaded to prison.

The 24/7 surveillance is not for your security. It is for the security of the International Police Union and the international elite goon criminals who puppet our government. The UN is their tool. World government is tyranny. TPP might be the end of freedom, permanently. The NDAA, CISA, Patriot Acts One and Two, the Freedom Act etc. is just evidence of the tyranny. It is right in our faces. Since when is torture legal?

When you do not have national sovereignty and are being spied on 24/7, you are merely a prisoner out in the open air. "You own nothing and you have no rights," is something police have been telling me since the mid 1990's.

After the Oklahoma City Bombing, police got federal tax dollars to break laws to go after militia. Since there was no real militia, police set up their own to then go after citizens. That still wasn't enough, police then started targeting small business owners, the self-employed, gun owners, guys who had wives or girlfriends officers wanted, and/or the outspoken and potential leaders when the US Constitution was made null and void.

24/7 surveillance has not made me safer. It has ruined every aspect of my life. It has torn away all my core beliefs. It has fostered fear, not respect. Real terrorists are those funded by international bankers and corporate organized crime. We are being spied on 24/7 because the bankers don't want us to remove them from their positions of total domination.

Silence signifies acceptance. 

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