Sunday, October 25, 2015

I am a Conspiracy Therapist

Photo above [source].

For the little bit of comfort you are promised now by the international lying elite, are you selling out all future generations? 

As I get older, I consider my own comfort more, and more.

It took just two, or three, hours being slammed around in a boat on the ocean during a storm to wonder how those had it 3, 4, 5, or 6 months or more out on the ocean without a break had it before me. I felt ill for days just given a little dose of being out a ocean going boat for a few hours during a somewhat mild storm.

On land, I spend time around a campfire at least once a week with male friends and we don't drink, no one I know does drugs, and we just talk. It is amazing that they are only seemingly involved in their own situations, problems, and aren't even aware of the bigger picture. Many of my friends have come from a religious background and never have had a Monsanto corporate father stick lit cigars in their faces sometimes burning them.

I got my education for what is really out there, early. Communism, socialism, and dictatorships are certainly bad. International corporate and banker tyranny is equally bad, or worse.

I have female friends, but it is different. One on one, I just say what I think, no filter.  I was born into the world, naked. I am not afraid to express myself.

Most people don't care about anyone about themselves. Maybe if they see a little of the international abuse of all of us happening to them, then maybe they will be a little of a tidal wave that will help take a little of our freedom and liberty back from the international criminals who have stolen it from us and made us fund our own abuse.

More, and more, I am giving conspiracy therapy. Reality isn't what you are told by mainstream media or in most schools.

I talked repeatedly with a World War I veteran when I was in my teens. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am that old to talk about this now.

The World War I veteran told me that all that I am told, that is in the news, that I am taught in schools, and that the government who is owned outside the US is told to tell us, is lies. A World War I veteran who saw what really happened first hand, came back, read how it was reported, can legitimately call "BS" on what he knows to be BS.

Do you know the definition of "Gaslighting"? Here it is on Wikipedia:

The US taxpayers now pay for CIA propaganda and black operations inside the US. In South American countries, how did the United Fruit Company spread goodwill using the CIA?:

Citizens in  sovereign countries would not agree to have their borders erased and then pay all their savings, current labor earnings, and future to enrich international criminals who control banking and all corporate interactions. Silence signifies acceptance. Why are you silent?


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