Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You can't talk about corporate fight club.

Image from the "Fight Club" movie was stolen from [here]. 

What are criminals in the UN up to? Who do they really work for? Is an international "one" government a good idea? Should the richest in the world control all land, all rights, population numbers, and the sum total of the world's gross economic product? Well, we the people seem to have our heads in the sand. 24/7 surveillance worldwide and anything goes for international bankers and corporations seems to the the rule, not the exception.

Have you word searched "The Gulf of Tonkin"?

Monsanto, and other chemical companies, could have US taxpayers pay for millions of tons of chemicals to be sprayed in Vietnam if there was a war. CIA, made up of the sons of bankers, corporate pirates, and international organized crime, could sell all the cocaine and heroin that could be flown, shipped, and carried all over the world. They then could rip humanity off even more with a "Drug War". Use the UN's product, and you get arrested. Make billions, or trillions, smuggling the UN product of wars and drugs ... you are in charge and own everything, including organs which haven't been harvested yet. Babies are just another commodity of the UN for harvesting.

I hung out with World War I veterans when I was young. They said that the rebellion in the 1960s was for pussies. That was about hedonism, drugs, sex, and selfishness. In World War I, the veterans saw the lies, experienced the lies, had their money value confiscated (gold), and when they challenged the government to honor their promises, the World War I veterans were cut down in the streets for wanting the pay they were promised, and owed.

A World War I veteran told me, "Hollywood, the news, the government is all lies. It is about ripping you off and convincing you that you should help them (the government) rip you off and rip everyone else off, and then rat out anyone who complains."

World War I veterans could have been the most feared domestic terrorists ever. If international bankers and corporate pirates had something to fear, it was the World War I veterans. They could call "BS" on what was reported. They saw who was evil. They saw what they did. They were willing to expose the evil.

We now have the internet. Too bad World War I veterans didn't have full use of what is not the internet. We would never have had George W. Bush, or even a bigger turd, Barack Obama, as "Corporate takeover puppet leaders".

Full Show - Liberal Media Celebrates Drone Killing - 10/26/2015

Text with video:

Published on Oct 26, 2015
On this Monday, October 26 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we analyze the numerous crimes of Hillary Clinton on her 68th birthday, the latest Benghazi hearings and why Ron Paul said they're "too much, too late." We also look into how the IRS is using 'Stingray' cell phone surveillance gear to spy on conservative groups, how both the U.S. and the Saudis are increasing their support of ISIS in Syria for their proxy war against Russia and how Sweden is housing migrants in a ski resort while its citizens suffer a housing shortage. And Zoltan Istvan joins us in studio to break down the trans-humanist movement.

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