Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton is the new George Washington

Former US First Lady and New York US Senator Hillary Clinton photo from when she was young, and "beautiful", was [originally found here].

The most life altering, life changing, world altering US President ever could be Hillary Clinton. George Washing allegedly was for sovereignty and the 1200's Bill of Rights, the basics of Human Rights. Hillary is anti-US Constitution and erasing all national sovereignty to put George W. Bush and Barack Obama to shame for their lackluster efforts.

If Hillary is "elected", should any of us pay taxes or cooperate in any way? The same should be true for Jeb Bush, Trump, or any other result of the international elite/billionaire/corporate organized crime/banker auction called, "The 2016 US Presidential Election."

James Corbett, of [the Corbett Report], describes the US best with his collection of documentary footage which he calls, "Meet the Clintons", video found [embedded here].


This blogger's original video uploads and favorite videos are [found here].



NSA Seeks Unparalleled Control Through Surveillance

Published on Dec 22, 2015
Alex Jones speaks with the largest NSA whistleblower of all time, William Binney.
[Direct link to video]


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