Sunday, December 13, 2015

The BS of Security State Theater

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The BS of Security State Theater

Some interesting discussions on RT about 24/7 surveillance. Once the state obtains these spy on you tools, they are very reluctant to give them up or have the use restricted. Edward Snowden's NSA revelations discussed. Julian Assange of Wikileaks weighs in. Former CIA Ed McGovern weighs in. The Magna Carta is 800 years old. It gave basic rights to the people that have been held since. These rules of government behavior have been thrown out by governments out of control.
This video blogger doesn't believe in the junk science of Global Warming but does believe in the real science of international corporate and war industry pollution. Taxing average citizens to breathe to make elites richer is ridiculous. My video favorites and uploads are found here:

The Obama-scam explained [post with embedded video


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Streamed live on Dec 10, 2015Details:
celebrate RT’s ten-year anniversary we are bringing together the
leading international experts to discuss these developments, exchange
ideas and address the challenges facing the world today.

Middle East security to the battle of media narratives, from the role of
Russia on the world stage to information privacy at the time of a
global terrorist threat — get ready to Question More.

Speakers: Margarita Simonyan, Nigel Parsons, Liu Ge, Arnab Goswami, Sam Tomlinson, Anna Williams

Moderator: Raymond Snoddy


Security or Surveillance: Privacy vs anti-terror security in digital age (#RT10 Panel Discussion)


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