Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What do the Comedy and Politically Active World Owe Barry Crimmins?

Barry Crimmins image was [found here].

I just watched a Netflix 2015 video called, "Call me Lucky"

Crimmins is probably one of the key comedians giving breaks to up and coming comics. There is a long list of comedians that probably owe their fame to Barry.

Being politically aware and making political jokes for audiences that didn't have a clue was groundbreaking for his time.

I won't spoil what is presented on Netflix by saying too much. But, at least part of my anger that motivates me to educate others can be explained by Barry's motivation, but what happened to me was not the same sort of thing that happened to Barry and was his motivation instead of life ending trauma.

The things Crimmins says about Jimmy Carter, Bush, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, and others is priceless. If you are here reading this, you'll love "Call me Lucky".

Barry Crimmins | February 17, 1986

Barry Crimmins at Anti-War Rally in Boston 1990

Text with video:

Uploaded on Jul 24, 2010
Barry Crimmins speaking at an anti-war rally on the Boston Common, December 1, 1990. The thousands of protesters in attendance were urging the US government to use sanctions against Iraq, rather than war, after Iraq invaded Kuwait.


Text with video:

Published on Jan 30, 2015
Produced and directed by Bill Drake. Shot on location at The Ding Ho at Inman Square, Cambridge in 1982. Starring Barry Crimmins, Barry Neigrug, Mike Donavan, Don Gavin, and Mike MacDonald.


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