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Published on Mar 29, 2012
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DeBoer met Harrow while traveling through Australia with Matt Hollywood of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Hollywood and DeBoer were in Melbourne for a spell and while drinking at the world famous Cherry Bar on ACDC lane, were approached by Harrow. 24 hours later the three would find themselves on a farm outside of Nagambie drinking VB and strumming classic country and rock till dawn. DeBoer and Harrow have not parted ways since.

The two singer/guitarists share a mutual love for classic country and folk and after a few years, decide to finally put together a band. They recruited one of Bob's old friends Gamma and in December of 09 began recording a demo of the Harrow/DeBoer songs written over the last few years. This demo was then handed to record producer and engineer, Gregg Williams (The Dandy Warhols, Cheryl Crow, Blitzen Trapper) in DeBoer's hometown of Portland Oregon. After hearing their demo recordings, he decided to record their album.

Harrow, DeBoer, and Gamma flew to Portland in March of 2010 to get started at Williams' studio, The Trench. They recorded one song per day and after only a few weeks it was complete.

This album, "Val's Backyard" is the culmination of countless hours spent on the back porch of the band's close friend Valerie.

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Davos Degenerates Reveal Robot Replacements - #NewWorldNextWeek {Direct link to video on youtube]

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Saudi Arabia, China Sign MoU to Build Nuclear Reactor
China Offers Support for Yemen Government as Xi Visits Saudi Arabia
China’s Xi Opens Refinery With Saudi King Salman
Egypt to Receive $1 Billion from China
Xi Jinping’s Iran Visit is of ‘Historic Significance’
Jinping Bows to ‘Death Star’-Like Sphere at AIIB Ceremony
Story #2: Davos Robot Eclipses Davos Man as Gloom Descends on Elite
Meet “Beware”, The New Police Tool That Data-Mines Your Life
Palantir, the War on Terror’s Secret Weapon
DiCaprio Gives Indigenous Peoples Lip Service On TV, But Really Hangs With Banksters at Davos
Media Monarchy: Rise of the Robots – Dollar Edition
PDF: “Extreme Automation and Connectivity: The Global, Regional, and Investment Implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”
Markets In TurmOIL: Futures Plunge, Japan Enters Bear Market, Crude And Commodity Currencies Crash
For the Sake of Capitalism, Pepper Spray Davos
Story #3: People Trust Search Engines More than Traditional Media for News
Flashback: Google’s Search Algorithm Could Steal the Presidency (Aug 2015)
#GoodNewsNextWeek – Positive Polls, Liberty-Minded Librarians, Wal-Mart Closings
#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Canada’s New Hope And Change Is A Lie
Monsanto Works Hard to Evict Argentinian Protesters
The Story You Aren’t Being Told About Iran Capturing Two American Vessels
Media Monarchy: Interview w/Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols
Immigrant Union – “War is Peace”
Previous Episode: Apple Emotions, Threat Score, Palantir

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Full Show - Big Gov't Wants To Kill You - 01/21/2015 [Direct link to video on youtube]

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Published on Jan 21, 2016
On this Thursday, January 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we break down the ongoing collapse of both the economy and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Clinton is now actually doing something very foreign to her: work! She's having to work for every vote as her supporters begin to abandon her due to her involvement in Bill Clinton's sex crimes and Emailgate. Clinton insider Larry Nichols explains why this could be the end of Hillary's political career. Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen also explains how neo-conservatives have been hijacking the U.S. intelligence community for several years and how it can potentially lead us into another world war! And in other news, the Dow Jones crashed yesterday and oil is also trading at a 12-year low: $27 a barrel.


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