Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ruffling Feathers: Farmers reveal secrets of chicken meat trade in America

Image above originally [found here on the web] and is not part of RT report. 

Farming, ranching, and having small businesses in America used to be a right. We the people are being invaded from the outside by international bankers, corporate organized crime, billionaires, and all their cronies. The government has been subverted and taken over. We should be able to have privacy in our own homes, transact, and meet with our neighbors and families and not have to fear arrest, torture, indefinite detention, and being murdered just for conducting normal, average human activities, right?
 Are the World's billionaires treating us all like chickens being raised on a corporate farm?

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Text with below video: 

Published on Jan 16, 2016
Chicken farms in the US are notoriously hard to access if you're not involved in the industry. But one American farmer, contracted to a meat processing company, has thrown open the barn doors. He claims firms routinely mislead customers about the conditions the birds are reared in and their health. Maria Finoshina went to meet him.

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