Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the subject of Torture

I can't imagine that I would ever agree with anything Hillary Clinton said, ever, but then there was today.

On the subject of torture, reports today, Hillary Clinton sound clips from interviews, and she is saying she is against torture, and Donald Trump, in his own words, says he is for it.

Torture is not US Constitutional, ever. Nazis after WWII were executed for doing less than the CIA, FBI, military, and US Police are doing in current times in America and abroad.  

The CIA is for furthering international banker, billionaire, the world elite, and corporate organized crime UN Agenda 21 policies. The CIA was to topple governments around the world so the connected elite can make more money and gain more power. The CIA is home to roost in the US. This against all laws. Look at what happened in South America in the 1950s. It is going to happen in US now, the blueprint:

Hillary and Bill Clinton have been tight with the CIA importing cocaine. [James Corbett Report Video]

Donald Trump, a billionaire, admits bribing Hillary Clinton to get political favors in an interview widely published on video. So, who is a worse international banker/corporate organized crime whore?

But, Trump might be the only hope as an actual candidate to keep at least a little of what was America, intact.

The EU is an example of what can soon happen to America. ISIS is CIA US taxpayer funded. The terror is in their faces there. Be critical of the state sponsored terrorism and police will come to your door. The governments of the EU are run by the international bankers, billionaires, and corporate organized crime. They need unrest to make more money, rip us all off, and to kill us all off at a slow agonizing pace at their leisure.

Maybe Shakespeare had it right, torture and then hang a lawyer and life can go on a more positive way. I am not saying to hurt anyone, or to engage in any sort of violence. But, if there was a grid down situation and there was no electricity or other services, what use would lawyers be? What could attorneys offer any of us average folks with their "skills"? And, if there is a grid down situation, who'd care about a screaming in pain, lying lawyer?

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