Saturday, March 12, 2016

US Customs taking bribes to send unseen items to Haiti?

I talk to a guy who was in the military and who likes to buy diesel pickups, box trucks, and even airport style mini buses. I know what trucks cost to buy when they are needing work or have other issues. I know what it costs to fix them up. I know what sort of profit can be made when selling them or exporting them. So, what I have heard from this individual has been spot on. I then believe his claim about needing to bribe US Customs officials to not look in the back box of a box truck being exported from the New England area of US to Haiti.

The individual claims it will cost him $3000 to export a box truck  the flat front and is the Isuzu style, $4000 in tariffs and other taxes and $1000 bribe to US Customs officials to not look in the back box of the truck.

Anyone can say anything, and it doesn't make it true.

But there is a common core of what I know to be true, what I have seen, and what is the general perception of how the system works with those in the know.

In at least one episode of the series, "M.A.S.H.", the character "Radar" smuggled a US Army Jeep, piece by piece, sending the parts and pieces by mail to his parents' farm. Another common theme is US military supply officers selling taxpayer paid for hardware and items and operating a black market. What should be different about US Customs.

If US Customs takes bribes to send items outside the US, is this more proof that the US is becoming a third world nation ... with nuclear weapons?


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