Friday, April 15, 2016

PBS Radio skewing the News

I do watch Alex Jones of Inforwars on youtube and get my news from multiple independent sources.

On the Radio today, a clip of Cruz saying that Trump is unhappy about losing in 11 States, just recently. I don't know if that number is correct, I was driving and wasn't taking notes. PBS didn't elaborate that states like Colorado didn't even have RNC elections for a candidate. Cruz was just selected.

Like him, or not, Trump is the most popular Republican nominee. If it is just given to Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, or some other corporate sell-out, why have any more elections? We should just have the billionaire cabal just announce who their next world puppet leader is. 

The international/corporate run US Government puppet show has gotten ridiculous right in front of all of our faces.

Bernie Sanders is no hero to me. But, Bernie Sanders gets the votes on the Democrat side in a number of states, yet Hillary Clinton gets the delegates. The fix is in. It is obvious.

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