Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gun Issue. I called US CT Rep Chris Murphy's office

I was viewing Connecticut US Congressmen Chris Murphy's websites, and contact information, including his [official site]. He, or his handlers, seem to be asking for public support for the most stringent gun control, possibly even advocating confiscation, with a plea to call in about the Orlando Shooting, and what should be done. Should our nation's laws be changed after every highly publicized incident of anything?

I called Chris Murphy's Hartford Office. I talked to Virginia, a staffer, earlier today.

I told her about the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Police were given federal tax dollars to hunt down patriot movements, "Constitutional Extremists", and militia. I told her that police used, and created, and fostered criminal gangs to help them go after gun owners. I didn't also mention that these same tactics were being used against the self-employed, small business owners, and the outspoken.

There really wasn't any militia or patriot movement threat in any state, including the State of Connecticut. Connecticut State Police in the 1990's were illegally tapping phones, trolling internet, and setting up citizens for false arrest using federal tax dollars. Single, and married officers, used these new undeclared powers to get dates, rape, rob, beat, and allegedly even have targets for their wrath, murdered.

One very big search term is, "Connecticut State Police stole money out of my wallet," or "Connecticut State Trooper stole money out of my wallet." Police ran vandals, thieves, prostitutes, drug dealers, mentally ill sociopath alcoholic drug addicts like [Peter Coukos], and other vermin on probation to target honest citizens for revenue collection, property confiscation, and to run through the court system and jails. Federal tax dollars fund this abuse. Police are told to make false reports, manufacture evidence, and to lie to the media.

I was told by police in Connecticut that I didn't know the right people to have such a pretty wife, a home, a contracting business, and that I had a big mouth and I was kicked out of Connecticut with threats of them murdering me or my spending the rest of my life in prison. I committed no crimes. Police did railroad me to prison after my false arrest, their perjury in a rigged trial, and was told to leave the State of Connecticut after prison or I would spend the rest of my life in prison. This is my welcome to the real Amerika.  

The Orlando Shooting has been some of the 24/7 mind bending propaganda of the mainstream media which is owned by international bankers, corporations who profit from wars, and billionaires who are out to reduce the population of average people as much as is possible. Word search UN Agenda 21.

Connecticut State Police are being paid federal dollars to spew propaganda and to set up CIA-like operations to disinform, and control, the public for the benefit of outside international entities. So, the Connecticut State Police are being paid your tax dollars to stage events, like the Newtown Sandy Hook School Shooting, to dilute, or even make null and void, the US Constitution.

The international police union will get larger dues from more police when guns are confiscated door to door in the US. When having gold was illegal, citizens feared having their doors kicked in and spending decades in prison for having what was the major form of what was then considered real money, gold. If gold coins and bullion can be confiscated from all citizens, so can guns.

As the 2nd Amendment is repealed,  so is free speech, private property rights, the sovereigty of the US, the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta precedent, and everything you hold sacred. Anyone can be put on a terrorist watch list if a police officer, or other official, wants to sleep with your significant other, or to screw you out of anything you think you owned.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Anti Hillary Bumper Stickers seen in Gloucester, Massachusetts USA

Hillary Clinton is a polarizing figure. There might be no bigger criminal who has ever run for US President.

I was hanging out at the Causeway Restaurant tonight before going in to have Linguini with White Clam Sauce in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I saw the bumper stickers on a black pickup truck. The owner gave me permission to take the pictures, attached.

Was the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing partially engaged in by insiders in the US Government to protect Bill and Hillary Clinton from being prosecuted for the White Water scandal? The evidence of White Water was allegedly kept at that Oklahoma City location.

[White Water Wikipedia entry]

Were Bill and Hillary involved in CIA cocaine trafficking involving the Arkansas State Police? Did Bill or Hillary Clinton order teens, and others, who witnessed Clinton racketeering and crimes, murdered where the Clinton preferred State Coroner covered up the murders? James Corbett of the Corbett Report breaks it down in [this video].

James Corbett examines the Oklahoma City Bombing with other experts [Link]

The Oklahoma City Bombing was an excuse to go after "Domestic Terrorists", "Constitutional Extremists", and the American Patriot Movement. State Police were given federal tax dollars to set up gun owners and pistol permit holders for false arrest, job loss, property loss, and family break up. I, Steven G. Erickson, know all about this from what happened to me in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

Police are paid federal tax dollars to frame citizens who are gun owners, pro US Constitution, small business owners, farmers, ranchers, and those who will be potential leaders when the US Constitution becomes null and void. Police, court workers, and the staffers for most US politicians all belong to the same international union.

I blame Hillary Clinton, at least in part, [for this].

Was the Sandy Hook Newtown Connecticut school shooting just a staged event paid for with federal tax dollars? Was this the legacy of the false flag in Oklahoma City? Should any police in the US resemble the former USSR KGB or [Stasi]. 

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Bill Clinton Sex Slaves, Pedophile Island and the Lolita Express Exposed [Direct link to video]

Text with video: 

Published on May 19, 2016
Bill Clinton has been accused by Donald Trump as being the "worst abuser of women" and these claims have a lot of evidence to support it. From sex slaves to international paedophilia rings to Orge Island. From names like Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker to Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Who benefits from all out war and the rising world Police State?

Were Bill and Hillary Clinton involved in the CIA program to import massive amounts of cocaine into the US? Did Bill and Hillary have teens and others who knew to much, murdered? Well those questions are answered in the Corbett Report video called [Meet the Clintons].  

[The Drudge Report] is a good source of breaking news. 

The below video discusses who benefited from 9/11, and who was involved before and after. Just having history of these companies, and knowing who is who, is reason enough for a view of the video [Direct link]. 

Conspiracy Solved - Full Documentary

Text with video:
Published on May 17, 2016
Documentary 9/11: Conspiracy Solved
Was 9/11 really an inside job? According to the author, after reviewing this documentary and checking the evidence the answer will be clear to you. This video is a compilation of evidence uncovered by Michael C. Ruppert, Mark H. Gaffney, and Kevin Ryan.

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In September 1991, shortly after the end of the Cold War, a cabal of elite bankers and intelligent spooks led by George H. W. Bush, financed a $240 billion covert operation, through the purchase of 10 year securities, that as it happened were scheduled to come due on September 12th 2001.

"Project Hammer" was undoubtedly used for a wide variety of elicit intelligence operations, but mainly was used to finance covert economic operation against the collapsing Soviet Union, where unknown western investors bought much of the Soviet industry with a focus on oil and gas, crashing the Russian economy, looting its central bank, orchestrating what became known as the "Great Rubel Scam", and wide variety of other clandestine, state assisted operations designed to thoroughly prevent Russia from ever contesting the United States as a world super power.

[Direct link to below video]

Bilderberg 2016: What's On The Agenda?

Text with video: 
This year’s official Bilderberg meeting agenda is the usual list of vague references to broad categories of topics…but is there anything we can gather from the topic list? And what of this year’s participants? Join James for today’s Thought for the Day as we break down the upcoming Dresden 2016 edition of the Bilderberg meeting.

Official Bilderberg 2016 press release
Official Bilderberg 2016 participants list
Clinton at Bilderberg (2011 report)
Episode 284 – Learn History with Philip Zelikow! says Merkel invited to attend this year
Dan Dicks and Luke Rudkowski Infiltrate Bilderberg 2015
2002 Jim Tucker report reveals Iraq War slated for 2003
Estulin predicts 2007/2008 housing crash in 2006
Tucker predicts 2008 oil price crash
Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg
Bilderberg official press contact

[Direct Link to Below Video]

Global Financial Collapse Accelerates, U.S. Military Working To Stop It: 6/10/16 Full Show

Text with video:

Published on Jun 10, 2016
On this Friday, June 10 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, we'll recap the first and second days of Bilderberg 2016, and look at the elitist plot to trigger a worldwide economic meltdown. We'll also continue examining the showdown shaping up between Hillary and Donald Trump, as more embarrassing info emerges on Bill's love affairs. On today's show, financial analyst Peter Schiff explains how the Federal Reserve is exacerbating the oncoming economic collapse. Rob Dew, Josh Owens and Paul Joseph Watson also join the program live from the Bilderberg conference in Dresden, Germany.
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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Obama becomes Porky Pig when talking about Donald Trump

The below video [direct link]

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