Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Your international rulers will keep raising your fees for breathing past when you say, "When."

If Americans are paying $5000 to $6000 in taxes, fees, hidden taxes to "own" a home, do they truly "own" it, or are they "renting"? Are we being taxed to breathe?

It is cheaper for those who have ripped us off to kill us than it is to govern us. Read their white papers. Listen to their agenda. They meet in secret internationally on how to deal with us using out money to enslave, torture, indefinitely detain, rip us all off, dumb us down, give us cancers and other diseases, rape us, demoralize us, break up any family unity or feeling of community, and just plain wipe us out so they have more.

We have the numbers. Are we that collectively stupid that we will allow nation states to be wiped out with our God given right to breathe? There is something greater than us, call it what you want.

What is called an "election" in the US is now naked global elitist aggression. Those who think they own the "collective" us, need to be taught a final lesson. It is that we will never put up with their shit. If there is going to be culling of any populations, let's start with them.

Let's not target and kill police. Let's get on police about the evils of their international union who'll have individual officers killed so that more dues can be collected and that billionaires can make more profits. 

If the elite wish to go medieval on us, let's go medieval on them. Again, we have the numbers. They can't just rely on their B.S.

Do your part.

Silence, and inaction, signifies acceptance.

Cut, and paste, and share this.

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