Thursday, August 11, 2016

CGI, Clinton Global Initiative (Documentary on Clintons selling out Americans)

India got nuclear weapons after having their operatives donate millions to the Clinton Foundation and millions hiring the Clintons for their speeches. International criminal bankers and corporate organized crime also donate to the Clintons. The Clintons get a lot of their campaign money from countries who torture, imprison, burn alive, and throw off roofs, homosexuals, and are the biggest abusers of women and who allegedly fund the white slavery, kidnapping, and selling children into the sex trade with the CIA, other spy agencies, and other international drug traffickers. Billionaire globalists are also in bed with the Clintons. Ask yourself, "Who benefits from the Clintons' activities?"

The biggest abusers of international human rights have donated 100's of millions to the Clintons. How many crimes against humanity have the Clintons responsible for after collecting billions to do the most harm to you, the ones reading this? Check out the below documentary. I don't agree with everything presented in the documentary. I don't believe Vladimir Putin and the Russian people are the demons as presented in the documentary. Vladimir Putin seems like a legitimate leader who is acting for sovereignty and betterment of is nation, unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Criminals in the stock market industry on Wall St. in New York City want to make more money, they pay the Clintons. When those who war, or profit from war, bribed Hillary Clinton while she was in the State Department, they got more wars and more orders for war munitions. The World would be a much more peaceful place without Hillary Clinton. Is Hillary Clinton pandering our Uranium to the most dangerous tyrants in the world?

Billions have been funneled through the Clinton Foundation. What was sold and to whom? When aren't the Clintons breaking laws and wrecking US sovereignty? When aren't the Clintons making the US Constitution null and void?

Word search Connecticut State Trooper stole the money out of my wallet.

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Bill and Hillary Clinton - The untold story

Did Hillary Clinton fix her US New York Senator "election"? Elena Sassower breaks it down [Direct link to video]


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