Sunday, August 21, 2016

DHS and TSA built on 9/11 Fraud. Clintons sneak millions of Terrorists in US

Scroll down in post for video below that doesn't have anything to do with Hillary Clinton having to empty her bowels into a bag. 

Does Hillary Clinton have to empty her bowels into a bag? [More]

Show notes for below video:

On the heels of reports that the Department of Homeland Security’s own website indicates where border patrol can’t touch illegal immigrants, one Arizona sheriff said such a message is indicative of President Barack Obama’s “absolute lawlessness.”

More / Vid

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See Video On YouTube For This Link

DHS Grants Syrians Amnesty

DHS Gives Muslims Security Tours

DHS Scrubs Muslims With Terror Ties

6,726 Syrian Refugees Admitted FY16

Clinton To Resettle One Million Muslims

Clinton Sold Weapons To ISIS In Syria?!

Clinton Got Millions From Sharia Law Firm

ISIS Warns London / DC To Be Attacked?!

ISIS Alliance With Rival To Battle The West

Operation Blackjack Info -

Operation Blackjack In Full / Print
See Video On YouTube For This Link

Operation Blackjack In Full / Video


DHS Gives Radical Jihadists Instructions To Avoid Border Patrol [Direct Link to Video]


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Colin Powell: Hillary Clinton LIED About Me Telling Her to Use Private Email Server - 8/19/16 [Direct link to video]


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