Monday, August 01, 2016

I had to search high, and wide, to find actual Hillary Clinton supporters

(I just "borrowed" the above photo. I can't vouch for anything in the above website tagged in photo. I didn't bother to even check it out. If you're a Donald Trump supporter, please forward this post to his people. I'd like to help out.)

In the last year, or so, I drove from Brattleboro, Vermont, to S. Florida and to Aurora, Colorado. I stopped a lot along the way and talked to many people. Hillary Clinton came up a lot. It was hard to find a Hillary supporter. When I did see a Hillary Clinton for US President 2016 on a car, I saw many passing by, honking, giving that driver the finger. When Bernie Sanders had events 10's of thousands would show up, when Hillary had them, hundreds would show up. It is beyond me, and many, that Hillary is the "popular" choice of Democrats.

No matter what the popular votes are, Super Delegates and Delegates, can vote for who they promised their vote to, or were paid off to vote for.

I happened to talk to a Hillary supporter tonight. She doesn't care that Bill and Hillary may have ordered those who knew too much about Bill and Hillary's CIA cocaine trafficking gig when Bill was Governor in Arkansas. It didn't matter to the Hillary lied to the FBI and nothing happened, and when Martha Stewart allegedly did, Stewart went to federal prison, but Hillary just continued to run for US President. If there was justice in the US, the Democratic Party would not forward a candidate who could possibly be charged with so many felonies.

The CIA, international bankers, corporate organized crime, billionaires, and those who profit from wars, prisons, and conflict all are skewing the mainstream news. The criminals are for Hillary Clinton. Those without any clue are for Hillary Clinton.

If there was evidence to indict Bill and Hillary Clinton in the Oklahoma Federal Building and then the building blows up, what does that say? The prosecution then dried up after 1994. So, did Bill and Hillary set up the precedent for blowing up buildings to not prosecute those who are too big to jail?

After the Oklahoma City Bombing, police nationwide were given federal tax dollars to frame, abuse, rip off, beat up, imprison, and even murder those who were militia, gun owners, farmers, ranchers, self-employed, the outspoken, and those who are potential leaders when the US Constitution becomes null, and void.

I, at least, blame Hillary Clinton partially, for the loss of my home, my contracting business, my family unity, my retirement, financial standing, and the sum total of my life's work, due to her bait, and switch, witch hunt after Bill and Hillary avoided prosecution for their treason, drug trafficking, and crimes against humanity.

It seems that with Hillary Clinton is the "choice" in the White House, WWIII is possible with Russia and China. Vladimir Putin seems like a legitimate leader out to promote the family, national sovereignty, bettering his nation. George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton all seem illegitimate.

The big international bankers, and other then equivalent billionaires, fueled and caused the 1917 Communist Revolution in the former USSR. Farmers were rounded up, small business was rounded up, the outspoken were rounded up, and private property, free speech, self-defense, and other god given rights were ripped off.

Is Hillary Clinton, the 1917 Communist Revolution in America, unleashed by international bankers, corporate organized crime, billionaires, and the global elitists? Do you understand the TPP, NDAA, Patriot Act, Freedom Act, the coming martial law etc?

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