Monday, August 15, 2016

Terrible US Freedoms plaguing international H. Clinton billionaire handlers

"From my cold dead hands ..."

International corporations, the UN, billionaires, the military industrial complex, international alphabet spy agencies, Google, international bankers, the NWO, etc. have taken over most of the US lands from ranchers, farmers, and the taxpaying owners of the property. The US Constitution needs to be made null and void for the biggest crime in the history of the world to take place.

Infowars youtube channel [found here]

This blogger's video uploads and favorites [found here].

The Corbett Report can be [found here]. I strongly suggest that you, the reader, word search these terms in the Corbett Report word search engines not in quotes: "Oklahoma City Bombing", "Meet the Clintons", and "9/11 a Conspiracy Theory".

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

Keywords: Hillary Clinton US election 2016 Donald Trump Barack Obama Connecticut State Police Misconduct racism internet censorship Connecticut State Trooper stole money out of my wallet raped me committed perjury made false statement police report assault killed blacks lives don't matter TPP NDAA Patriot Act Freedom US Constitution null and void US Police State Martial Law Edward Snowden CIA spying scandal NSA FBI murder for hire Bill Clinton CIA drug trafficking Arkansas Mena airport cocaine smuggling heroin Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, conflict, wars, UN Agenda 21 billionaire Bill Gates George Soros Ted Turner Donald Trump TSA see something say something DHS US Department of Homeland Security 2nd Amendment Jesse Ventura Gary Johnson Rand Paul Ron Paul 2016 election 2008 2012 1984 1776 solution to Eliot Spitzer prostitute New York City election Governor disgrace false flag internet censorship Iran Contra


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