Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Will the FBI/USDOJ have any credibility if Hillary Clinton is not prosecuted?

Some of the biggest name lawyers in the US have top positions. Hillary and Bill Clinton are lawyers. Michelle and Barack Obama are lawyers. George H.W. Bush was top CIA. So when US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met [story] while Hillary Clinton was being investigated for serious felonies, even possible crimes against humanity. So, both Clinton and Lynch knew they were obstructing justice, involving themselves in a conspiracy, and conspired against justice in the US. Hillary Clinton openly lied to the FBI and to Congress and Hillary Clinton currently isn't being prosecuted for anything. How can the FBI, US Department of Justice, or any legal fiber in America be, if Hillary Clinton isn't prosecuted?

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg may have been convicted, and executed, for just one piece of evidence allegedly manufactured by the FBI. [Wikipedia entry for Rosenbergs]. A questionable hotel receipt put the Rosenbergs in the same general vicinity of a supposed Russian spy. So how much real evidence, 10's of thousands of counts of treason is there electronically and in black and white on paper against Hillary Clinton?

Is there a separate and unequal "justice" system in the US?

When Obama and Hillary met with international elites during the annual Bilderberger meetings, was Hillary promised the US Presidency in 2016 if she stepped down and supported Obama in 2008?

Should Hillary Clinton be installed as US President because it's "her turn"?

The mainstream has never been more nakedly rigged by billionaires, international bankers, and corporate organized crime. They profit from eliminating national sovereignty, causing conflict, and having endless wars where both sides are being financed by the same international criminal cabal.

Would Hillary Clinton pass a background and medical check to become a school bus driver for special education students with Hillary driving a mini van? Lionel poses that question at about 17 minutes in, [here in embedded video in this blog]. 


EXCLUSIVE: Missing: FBI files linking Hillary Clinton to the 'suicide' of White House counsel Vince Foster have vanished from the National Archives [Story Source]

Hillary Clinton and Billionaire George Soros seem to conspire together. Soros funds Black Lives Matter and promotes Blacks shooting White Cops for civil unrest for future UN intervention erasing US borders making US Constitution null and void. [more]


The big wigs are so corrupt, this is how police and the court system run in the US, it is about ripping you off, sexually assaulting you, manufacturing evidence, perjury, and the barbecuing of average Americans who get in the way. Cops have been made into sexual predators who are armed revenue collectors for themselves, the state, and our international occupiers. Courts and judges are rubber stamps on the abuse. Example:

This has been going on for decades, and decades. It just keeps getting worse.


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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

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Hillary Clinton for US President!!!! 3rd World come in!!!! Americans get out!!!!

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Black and White Justice:

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