Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Snooze-Fest 9/26, The Trump vs. Clinton Debate

I got together with friends last night to watch the Trump vs. Clinton Debate. I was surprised that Hillary Clinton lasted the entire debate after seemingly not to stand more than 15 minutes at a clip mostly avoiding public events. I was surprised by what was said as well.

My psychologist friend is a avid Hillary Clinton supporter. Hillary Clinton can do no wrong. I talked to him about Hillary and Bill's Arkansas CIA cocaine trafficking days and all the murders they are probably responsible for. [Video] about the Clintons' dirty deeds. The psychologist said, "I'm sure that Donald Trump isn't responsible for murders too."

An avid Republican, a retired contractor, said he thought Trump did way better than expected, because Hillary Clinton is a 30 year politician, and a lawyer, and Donald Trump is not.

Most of the group went home before the debate was even over ...

I am not happy with Trump spouting, and sputtering, about ISIS. These renamed Al Qaeda operatives began as CIA funded guerillas during the Afghanistan vs. Russia war. They seem to get weapons and supplies "accidentally" dropped to them, or left for them, by a US military, that is probably appalled at what their leadership is really up to.

Most Americans don't want wars without end.

Vladimir Putin seems like a legitimate leader who cares about his fellow Russians. Russia may now have the economy of Italy, not that of some evil superpower. Why should Hillary be blasting Trump for the hacking of her email server, something that the Russians and Trump have zero culpability for? Why shouldn't Hillary be condemned for her criminal handling of sensitive and secret correspondence? Why shouldn't she be prosecuted? 

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have strong ties to the UN, international bankers, the billionaire cabal, and corporate organized crime. Clinton's bait and switch tactics are legendary. Tell the people that you are most F'ing over that you are there to help. Trump missed a golden opportunity, by not outing the Clinton Foundation and CGI, the Clinton Global Initiative. Treason, so rarely comes wrapped up so neatly, and obvious.

The debates make Hillary look like a legitimate candidate. Her crimes and bad health should have disqualified her, and the Democratic Party should have gone with the people's choice in the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders. Without the super delegates, Clinton should have been out of the race. Crickets can almost be heard chirping wherever Hillary Clinton supporters gathered for the lack of any real numbers as compared to most of the others.

America is looking more, and more, ridiculous, a cartoon version of itself.

The Trump vs Clinton election is more than what it is made to appear. Trump is for a sovereign nation, Clinton is for UN Agenda 2030 and her criminal billionaire associates.




Hillary Clinton signs are hard to find. Did Hillary and Bill Clinton avoid prosecution because White Water evidence was allegedly held in the Oklahoma City Federal Building which then conveniently blew up. Post:


Anonymous HPrice said...

Interested to see that you say that Trump is for a sovereign nation, but don't say what sovereign nation that is!

He is not interested in helping people in the US. He is purely for the himself, the money classes and Israel. Didn't you see that he just had a meeting with Netanyahu??

If you think Trump is some sort of saviour who is just "populist" and/or nationalist or just "unPC", you really should look at who he associates with. He is always been very "Democrat", but is a total insider/establishment figure.

At the moment, he is just playing a game to get Hillary in the Whitehouse. She is so damned appalling that only someone like him, acting like he does will make her look even vaguely palatable to the masses.

He is also a blinding mad crook who in better times would be behind bars for the things he has done to people, businesses, children etc ... (and come the revolution, he might be! :D)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 10:35:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

It really has gotten beyond ridiculous. If the Democrat Party was actually legitimate they'd run who got the most of the popular votes, Bernie Sanders. They wouldn't run a candidate with very questionable health who is under possible serious criminal prosecution. That is just irresponsible. If the Republican Party was legitimate they wouldn't be trying to harpoon their popular front runner. Never in history has a US Presidential "election" looked more like a South Park episode. Hillary Clinton is one of the most despicable, and awful, examples of a supposed human ever.

Most of the US wouldn't stomach a Hillary Clinton US Presidency, no matter how convincing the fix or slick, the election rigging. Hillary Clinton is an embarrassment to all humanity.

Thursday, September 29, 2016 8:56:00 PM  

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