Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Abortion vs. Gun Rights, the 3rd US Presidential Debate 2016

I was trying to get on the debate on line.

I couldn't find anything except what was on infowars youtube video channel. I like Alex Jones, but I would have rather watched this debate without his comment.

I caught it from about 16 minutes in. This debate may have been less biased in favor of Hillary Clinton as compared to the other two.

One of the talking points tomorrow at the coffee shop might be Donald Trump is for guns and is against abortion, and Hillary is the opposite. So, I hope it doesn't come down to gun rights vs. abortion to decide our county's future when there is so much more at stake.

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If Hillary Clinton has something to do with the Oklahoma City Federal Building to cover up and end the Whitewater prosecution if evidence against Clinton was held there, Hillary may have had some indirect culpability in dismantling everything I had built in my life, including family unity. Gun owners, farmers, ranchers, and the outspoken were then labeled domestic terrorists. 

If American Patriots, aka Constitutional Extremists, citizens who would stand up to a take over of America were put on a list, Hillary Clinton is the downfall of the US Constitution. That list became the No Fly List,  Terrorist Watch List, No Fly List, and the No Gun Buy List. 

Without Hillary Clinton, I may have not been put on "the list", because a cop who lived with his mother wanted me out of the picture so he might have a chance with my wife. So, he threatened me with being put on the list and suffering for the rest of my life from police harassment, beatings, job loss, losing my daughter, contracting business, property, and that I would wish I was dead and want to commit suicide if police didn't find a way of killing me. Story:


Should Hillary Clinton be deported for having titles of nobility and running for office? The answer is "yes" if you pay attention to video that I shot from about 4:30 in below video where another video poster or below video has given me credit as of posting of this blog. [Link to video below

Who won the War of 1812 in the US? The White House was partially burned down, the Library of Congress was sacked and the missing part of the 13th Amendment was stolen and burned by the British invaders who were acting in behalf of the international bankers of that time. 

Who won the battle of Waterloo in 1815? The international bankers controlled the media even back then. After Napoleon lost, the banker lying media of the time raced back to tell those near the UK stock market that Napoleon had won, so the British Empire was bought then for the basic equivalent of pennies on the dollar. Those criminals and their offspring have not looked back since.  



Any questions after seeing this?:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Teachers Union is telling their flock that Donald Trump is not allowed in countries all over the world because of his racist comments.

Thursday, October 20, 2016 12:47:00 AM  

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