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Lunatic, Bipolar Hillary Clinton?

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [wikipedia entry] is the syndrome now called bi-polar.

My father was diagnosed as being bi-polar and was on medication. My father's 2nd wife also has outbursts, is malicious, enjoys causing others pain, and her evil twin can be summoned in a millisecond.

I know of no other woman as crazy, and such a sociopath more than my father's wife, except for Hillary Clinton. So, I know the tell-tale signs of men, and women, who have no conscience, empathy, shame, nor have any remorse for the chaos and mayhem they make of others' lives whenever the lunatics involve themselves.

I know when I stare into the face of pure evil. There is no warmth. Every second of their lives is about lying and pretending to be human. Their nature is to harm.  Maybe bi-polar lunatics are born without a soul. 

If Hillary and Bill Clinton were involved in CIA cocaine trafficking when Slick Willy was Governor of Arkansas, Hillary allegedly ordered the killings of those who knew too much, or got in the way. [Documentary on the Clintons on the James Corbett Report].

The evidence to prosecute Bill and Hillary Clinton for their Whitewater and other crimes was allegedly held in the Oklahoma City Federal Building. It was then awful convenient for the Clintons for the building to blow up so there would then be no prosecution of the Clintons. The Clintons then blamed the bombing on those who were most likely to scream for prosecution of the Clintons, conservatives, farmers, ranchers, the self-employed, militias, gun owners, independent media like Drudge Report, the outspoken, and those like yours truly, Steven G. Erickson, on their enemies list.

Did Hillary Clinton rig her New York US Senate election in 2008? [Video]

The US Constitution has gotten in the away of the Clinton agenda of completely enriching their insider, billionaire friends worldwide. How did the Clintons work out for the country of Haiti?  


My mother wouldn't want to leave me alone with my father when I was a baby and toddler, He would yell at me, pick me up by my neck and choke me. When I had asthma symptoms I could be slapped, or punched as punishment for coughing and having a runny nose. Instead of being tucked in, he would choke me out as punishment if my mother talked nicely to me.

My father got hurriedly married in a school gym after my father got a job as a chemical engineer in Cleveland, Ohio. I came along less than 9 months later.

My father, a Monsanto Chemical Company executive, told me when I was 4 years old that he didn't have friends when he grew up and that he didn't enjoy his childhood in the outback of North Dakota without electricity and indoor plumbing, so I wouldn't enjoy my childhood either.

Age 5, he didn't want to bring me to the big Christmas to the farm above Fargo, North Dakota. He told me I didn't belong to him and that I was from my mother's wishy/washy, worthless, and inferior stock. My father argued with his parents on me not getting any Christmas presents because I didn't deserve any, being the only grandchild out of 20, or so. He lost out and my uncles and aunts did give me presents. Some of which my father took away from me and gave to my younger sister. I did nothing wrong. 

My father would stare at himself in the bathroom mirror, for seemingly hours, making faces. I assumed he some sort of biological robot practicing how to be human. He got a nose job and the sausage nose he had was vastly reduced in size. I wondered why my father would suddenly elbow me in the nose, throw baseballs and basketballs full force at my nose when I was a child. He had a broken nose when he was younger, but he only bloodied my nose and didn't break it. My father almost had a finger severed in an accident with a cement mixer.

My father would try to jam my fingers in a bow saw, or pretend to miss when I was forced to hold a metal wedge that he'd hit with a sledge hammer splitting wood. I'm lucky to have all my fingers. I was afraid to be alone with him because he'd always hurt me, and dress me down, and continued to beat on me until the very day I called him out wanting him to fight me, man to man, at 16. He grabbed me at about age 3, throwing me down the stairs into the basement, telling me he'd make it worse if I made any noise and that I was to stay down there until he let me up. He'd then just send me to the basement as punishment whenever there were witness around to see the physical abuse.

His bipolar trigger was seeing me having the joy of childhood, having friends, smiling, and laughing. My father's facial expression would instantly turned to psychotic. He wanted some excuse to punish me every chance he could. He transferred his anger about his growing up poor on a farm, number 6 of 7, being beaten by his older siblings, and his lack of social interaction growing up. His older sisters called my father, "The Social Retard."

The Social Retard would do all he could in front of my face, and behind my back to cause maximum pain, diminishment, loss of social standing, and just plain being ostracized. I remembered being 13 wanting to become a lawyer to sue my father for my childhood experience after I turned 18. My father told me from age 3 that I'd never have any friends, girlfriend, wife, wouldn't get into college, be able to play sports, would be unemployable, I'd end up in prison, and when I died no one would care or come to my funeral. I heard this, over and over.

Whenever there was any sort of father and son event, my father bent over backwards not to spend any time with me. Two consecutive father/son fishing trips to Maine when I was 10, and then 11, my father took my two friends out on the boat, not me, and told them how much he hates me. He spent no time with me at all. His own father didn't take him fishing, pay for his college, or ever spend one on one time with my father. So, instead of wanting better for his first born son, my father wanted as bad, or worse for me. My grandfather didn't try to make my father's childhood suck as much as possible.

I first became aware of my father's 2nd wife, before he met her. I was out in bars drinking before age 18, and there was a rumor of a woman on welfare living in her parents basement with 3 kids gave blowjobs for $20. She saw my father in line at Parents without Partners, aka Pigs without Partners, meet and greet. A couple hours later she is in bed upstairs with my father, and a couple of days later she is out in a bikini and her 3 kids out at our in ground swimming pool. It was obvious she wanted to get rid of my father's 3 kids and install hers in the house just days into their relationship.

I happened to talk to her ex-husband. He told me that when she was in Florida and college she would go to the bars and sleep with someone different man pretty much every night. Money would be taken out of the sleeping man's wallet, along with other items. My fathers wife would talk about wanting to steal silverware and cheese graters from restaurants. Hillary Clinton allegedly stole the George Washington silverware out of the White House and allegedly has a reputation of being a kleptomaniac.

When my father's wife's ex-husband had nothing to do with her, my father's wife then transferred all her anger towards me because I was a self-employed contractor and the ex-husband was also self-employed. She then would scream at me when I was on the phone with a girlfriend, saying I was cheating, because all self-employed cheat trying to destroy my relationships as much as she could. My father would destroy every social and romantic relationship any chance he could from my being age 4 to present time.

I've often thought of writing my father's wife telling her what a F'ing C-word she is, my knowing of only one worse F'ing C-word, Hillary Clinton. I would feel better, but by bashing the bees nest, I would then have to worry about again having problems. Not talking to either since 2011, or so, I have not had State Police in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, or New Hampshire in my driveway blocking me from going to work, banging on my door when I'm not there, making me look like I'm a criminal under investigation, having people call my boss to get me fired, kicked out of where I live, or the parents, or the girlfriend called anonymously to end the relationship.

My father had my ex move into my old room at the house I grew up in Western Massachusetts. My only daughter was then 5 and got my sister's room. My ex and I got along up until that point and had our daughter's best interests in mind. I had visitation with my daughter every other weekend. My father told me he didn't want me visiting my daughter unless he could supervise. My father told me that if I didn't listen to, and do everything he told me, he would see to it that my daughter would never talk to me again. I told him to back off, or he would be the one not seeing my daughter when my ex moved out.

My ex quit allowing me to see my daughter and I had to bring her to court to get my visitation back and it took months. My father kept to his word and I'm now permanently estranged from my daughter when he got the opportunity when she was 15, after my father allegedly helped inflame the Connecticut State Police to railroad me to prison. I lost my contracting business, all property, and am now estranged from most of my family, and may never meet my own grandchildren if my only daughter ever has them. 

My father, his wife, and Hillary Clinton all have something in common. They have no empathy, can scream and yell and go psychopath in a split second, no remorse or shame, and gain sick pleasure from the physical and psychological pain experienced by others. They don't know how to love, just how to abuse and use. Chaos and mayhem is there only friend. Hillary Clinton can be seen in videos laughing and smiling when someone is horrifically killed, such as Libya's former leader.

Why talk about my father, and his wife? Well, Hillary, my father, and his 2nd wife, seem to be cut from the same cloth. 

Hillary Clinton makes my stomach ill. I would love to see her hauled away in handcuffs by the FBI, fingerprinted, her mugshot taken, and see her then ride off in a prison transport in chains and leg irons to county lock up to face trial. If the FBI and USDOJ have any credibility at all, this should happen soon.


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Published on Oct 30, 2016
On this Sunday, October 30 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we'll cover the reopened FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton that was sparked by the discovery of new information on the electronic devices of Anthony Weiner. We'll then discuss how this investigation is merely a smokescreen to distract from WikiLeaks revelations that show corruption reaching President Obama and how FBI Director James Comey's actions have caused a mutiny among FBI agents. A White House petition calling for the end of George Soros-connected voting machines will likewise be analyzed as it surpasses the required 100k signatures to provoke a response from the president.
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Democrats Desert Hillary Clinton - Crime Family In Crisis: 10/30/16 Full Show

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Hillary Clinton lie song [Direct link to video]

What will it look like in the US, and the World, if Hillary Clinton and the UN run everything? Well here you go:

Government criminalizes rainwater collection from your own property - outrageous assault on freedom [direct link to video]

BREAKING!!! JULIAN ASSANGE "DEAD MAN SWITCH" Goes Off after EXPOSING Hillary Clinton? [Direct Link to video]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, the drinking age was 18, I was out drinking in bars at age 15 in W. Mass. There was a rumor about a woman who was living with 3 kids in the basement of her parents' house, who performed oral sex for $20, and was on welfare. That woman and my own father have the same mental illness as does Hillary Clinton.

Those two actually married. That woman transferred her anger onto me when her ex-husband would no longer talk to her and wouldn't fight with her. Bi-polar individuals, at least some of them require chaos, mayhem, that they create, and then pretend to offer a solution for to manipulate, where they are the heroes after the fact. Their pleasure comes from the pain of others.

But their telltale lack of a heart (soul) is shown in the cards they show. They have no empathy and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is who they really are. They're born without a soul.

So, I know Hillary Clinton well. The gutter tramp who married my father threw my baby pictures in the trash very soon after they married. She asked that I be written out of my father's will and she asked him to disown me. I was self-employed and was the only outlet for her rage to vent, and to get him back, not me, but I became the surrogate.

I wanted to be the proverbial turd in a punch bowl. When the justice of the peace asked does anyone have any reason these two shouldn't marry, or something like that, I thought of telling all what the gutter tramp's ex-husband told me, that when she was in Florida in college, she would sleep with any man who she thought had money, and in the morning she'd be gone with along with whatever money he had in his wallet, or items easily carted away.

The woman stole silverware from restaurants and if a fine Parmesan Cheese grater was used at the table, my father's tramp plotted how to steal it. Hillary Clinton is alleged to have stolen the George Washing flatware and china out of the White House.

I'm translating bi-polar to English. Hillary Clinton might be responsible for at least 114 deaths. She might have had something to do with the OKC federal building bombing in 1994 where Tim McVey was the patsy. Was there evidence in that building that would have put both Clintons in prison for life?

You can word search Stark Raving Viking blog, or go here to know the bi-polar psychopath Hillary Clinton actually is:

Tuesday, November 08, 2016 2:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There just was a verification process to actually leave a comment on this blog. I had to go through six or seven pages of puzzles and click, and click, and click to actually get the comment to post. Most would have already given up. Now as I type the text doesn't keep up in comment window as I type. This blog fucked up my computer.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016 2:54:00 AM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

The first comment is mine. I don't know why it is logged as anonymous. stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

Tuesday, November 08, 2016 5:57:00 PM  

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